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After recently hitting the sales rack with a few friends at the mall, let’s just say there were so many things I wanted, yet not enough money in my bank account to buy them. However, seeing your favorite store lined with a whole new set of clothes for the new season can be overwhelming when trying to shop for the next addition to your closet.

If you’re looking to revive your closet with the latest spring fashion trends, I’ve compiled a list of clothing pieces that should be in your closet for the spring season:   

Pastel Colors

Incorporating a pastel color palette into your wardrobe is the perfect transition from winter to spring. Pastels are a much softer option to bold colors for the warm weather. A more subtle option to bright colors, you can style pastel colors into almost any outfit. If you’re looking to integrate some pastel clothing pieces into your wardrobe try for a casual pastel dress that’s trendy, yet, not extraneous.

White Sneakers

Sneakers are always the perfect accessory to make any dressy outfit casual. As the weather gets warm, comfortable shoes integrate with the latest fashion trends, adding a playful element to every outfit. Solid white accessories are beginning to surface on store shelves in anticipation for the spring season. A new pair of white sneakers can brighten up any outfit and balance out this season’s vivid patterns.

Denim Jackets

It seems as if denim accessories always seem to trend, especially in the spring season. With many variations to the basic jean jacket style, this accessory creates extra shapes and elegant possibilities to contribute to any outfit.  

Floral Prints

Floral patterns are the highlight of spring fashion trends, being that these patterns are an obvious trend for the beginning of spring. Simple floral pieces add a revived look for the turn of the season and makes for a perfect fashion statement for spring.

1980’s Looks

In the past few seasons, 80’s fashion trends have made a overwhelming comeback in the fashion industry. Some of these resurfaced fashion trends including boyfriend jeans, oversized denim jackets, and even scrunchies are appearing on shelves in some of the more popular stores for college women.

Palazzo Pants

Last summer’s fashion trend is back with a refined look for the spring season. With new patterns and style combinations, palazzo pants make for a comfortable addition to any dressy outfit. The asymmetrical quality of the wide-cut fabric make this pants a perfect piece for every season.

Nude Accessories

While transitioning into the spring season you should try to avoid dark hues to complement your outfit such as black or maroon. However, nude is a perfect neutral color to complete any outfit. A pair of nude of heels or a neutral toned bag can be the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit while adding balance to the color palette of your wardrobe.

Caitlin Burns

Muhlenberg '21

Muhlenberg Marketing and Publicity Director Business Marketing and Dance double major 
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