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14 Reasons Why Summer Needs to Get Here Already

There are only a few more weeks before finals are finished and school is out for summer break. I don’t know about you, but I have been ready for summer since midterms. Here are 14 reasons why summer needs to get here already. 

1.    The weather

Mother Nature is still figuring out whether she wants it to be hot or cold. In the meantime, I’ve already made up my mind. I’m wholeheartedly ready for the heat (minus the humidity).

2.     The clothes

If you’re like me, shopping at Forever 21 is your guilty pleasure, and you can’t help buying that cute little dress even though you really don’t need it.

3.     No classes!

Need I say more?

4.     Summer jobs and internships

Gaining experience in your future field or just making some extra money is definitely a plus.

5.     The beach

I’m not much of a beach person, but I can’t deny how relaxing it is.

6.     Traveling

Cruises, resorts, different countries and cultures, etc. Summer is the perfect time to experience them all.

7.     Swimming

One of the best ways to cool down on a hot, humid day.

8.     Outdoor Cookouts and Barbecues

There’s something about cookouts and barbecues that beat typical cooking. Maybe it’s being surrounded by family and friends, or just the food itself.

9.     Amusement Parks

Even though roller coasters strike a tremendous fear in me, I can never resist riding them.

10.  Longer days

No more getting dark at 4pm!

11.  NO SNOW!

Yes, snow is pretty when it first falls. But the shoveling? No thanks.

12.  Outdoor concerts

This is still on my bucket list, but I’ve heard how awesome outdoor concerts are.

13.  Picnics

They are perfect for first dates!

14.  Road trips

A road trip would suck during the winter, so if you can, take advantage of the summer and go on one!

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