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10 Ways To Overcome Winter Break Withdrawal

Winter break allows stressed out college students to enjoy a month-long vacation from reality. This entails having few responsibilities, binge-watching favorite television shows on Netflix and staying up to an ungodly hour with absolutely no consequences attached. As breaks come to an end, many students struggle with transitioning back into a more structured routine and keeping track of deadlines. While winter break is wonderful, college can be just as much fun in many ways. Here are 10 things to remember to help you overcome your winter break withdrawal.

1. Our friends live next door.

Coming home from classes to do work can never be a drag when you can count on your best friend being next door to help you get through it.

2. Your roommate is basically your partner-in-crime.

Feeling lonely? Your roommate will probably be there. Want to go out to that party but are unsure of whom to go with? You can probably check to see what your roommate is up to.

3. Finding down time means so much more once you’re busy.

While having time to watch Netflix and read was always enjoyable at home, it was expected. With such busy schedules, clearing an hour or two to watch our favorite shows or unwind gives us something to look forward to back at college.

4. There are so many ways to join new clubs and get involved on campus.

There are so many opportunities on campus to get involved and have fun while doing so. Whether it’s giving back to the community or joining a sorority, there is a niche that can help you pursue something you feel passionate about.

5. You can alwasy look forward to tThe weekends.

Many colleges have a great deal of activities occurring both on and off campus during the weekends. Whether it’s staying in to watch a movie with friends, or attending a party or campus event, the weekends are always something to get excited about and they motivate us to get through difficult weeks.

6. You’re independent.

Home-cooked meals and family nights will definitely be missed, but returning to school also means a great deal of freedom. You no longer have a curfew or the only rules you have to follow are your own. Nobody is going to tell you to put your phone down at the dinner table or to be home by a particular time.

7. The gym is free.

Forget paying a monthly gym fee! College campuses typically offer students a chance to work out for free. Some even have classes such as indoor cycling, yoga and more that you can enjoy with friends.

8. You can have late night Skype sessions with your friends from back home.

Being away from our friends from home can be hard. The group chats, long distance calls and FaceTime sessions are all great chances to hear about what your best friend is up to in school. Since you probably don’t get a chance to talk that often because of your busy schedules, you’ll have plenty to catch up on.

9. Everything is walking distance.

No need to get into a car to go out to dinner or to visit someone; you can simply walk two minutes from your dorm and you’ll already be in the dining hall. Food, classes, the gym and your best friend’s dorms are all extremely close to one another, especially at Muhlenberg.

10.  The work doesn’t end, but college does.

Treasure these four years because your time here is limited. Despite your potentially chaotic schedule, heavily loaded weeks and unavoidable friend drama, you are going to miss it when it’s gone. These are the years that will help us grow and mature, and we can form lifelong friendships. Cherish these years because we will always need to work, but we won’t always be a student. 

I'm majoring in Psychology and Creative Writing at Muhlenberg College.
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