10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch During the Rainy Season

Disclaimer: Do not read this article unless you are ready to binge watch like you have never binge watched before.

I am that friend. You all know what I’m talking about. You probably know someone just like me.

 I’m the one that you text on Saturday night. You’ve just put on your pajamas and curled up in your bed. Your laptop is tucked next to you. You open your browser of choice and type in “netflix.com.” You scroll for a bit, but you’re overwhelmed.  There are so many choices. How does one even begin to decide what TV show to watch? Your mind becomes muddled; you don’t even know what genres you like anymore; you begin to question if you’re even ready for this kind of commitment. At this exact moment is when you text me.

“Help. Can’t decide what show to watch on Netflix. What should I start?”

You’ve come to the right place, friend. You see, I am the binge-watcher. The Netflix addict. I always know a show for every genre, every mood, and every length of time that my friends are looking for. As we enter the gloomy, rainy season between summer and fall, I am going to help my readers. Here is a simple breakdown of the best 10 shows to binge watch on a rainy day (ps. Yes I have watched all of these):

  1. The Office

Genre: Comedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (9 seasons-188 episodes)

Basic Plot: This is a mock-umentary show about the inner-workings of a small paper company in Scranton, PA. The boss, Michael Scott, is unpredictable and (quite hysterically) inappropriate towards his employees. Scott and the other employees at Dunder Mifflin often find themselves in ridiculous situations.

Why you should watch this show: If you haven’t already seen this show that is a travesty. “The Office” makes me incredibly happy. If I need a pick-me up, this is the show I watch. You will find yourself cringing as Michael says something inappropriate, cheering as office romances arise, and laughing until there are tears rolling down your cheeks. This is definitely a must-watch show.

2. Black Mirror

Genre: Sci-fi

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? ONS (3 seaons-7 episodes)

Basic Plot: This is a British anthology series. It is a modern Twilight Zone that centers around themes based on technology. It deals with what will happen in the future if technology continues to progress and how that will affect humans. It is a darker show.

Why you should watch this show: This show keeps me on the edge of my seat at all times. It is incredibly anxiety inducing, but also addictive. I promise you that once you start “Black Mirror” you won’t be able to stop. The good thing about this show is that it is an anthology so you do not have to watch it in order (if you skip around, I suggest starting with “White Bear”).  This is a good show if you’re looking for something that you don’t have to commit to for too long; there are only 7 episodes currently on Netflix.

3. Orange is the New Black

Genre: Dark Comedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? ONS (4 seaons-52 episodes)

Basic Plot: This show deals with the lives of female inmates at a minimum security prison. The main character is Piper. She is put in jail because she used to help smuggle drugs with her lover who is, incidentally, also in the same prison. This show has comedy, romance, sex, and drama.

Why you should watch this show: This show makes me feel so many things all at the same time. You will laugh. You will cry. You will question your sexuality. What more could you possibly ask for? It’s also not exceptionally long so you might get some sleep…eventually.  

4. Cutthroat Kitchen

Genre: Reality

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? ONS (4 seaons-52 episodes)

Basic Plot: This is a 3-round cooking competition hosted by Alton Brown. Chefs compete for up to $25,000 by bidding on sabotages to trip up their competitors. They are judged by culinary experts who do not know what sabotages they faced.

Why you should watch this show: Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This one is an oddball, but let me ask you a few questions: Do you like food? Do you take pleasure in other’s misfortunes? Do you like watching Alton Brown criticize chefs, even as they are on the brink of an absolute breakdown? Then, this show is for you. I usually use this show as a “palate cleanser” between serious binge-watching.

5. Crashing

Genre: Comedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? ONS (1 season-6 episodes)

Basic Plot: This is a quirky British show. It is about a group of friends who live together in an abandoned hospital to save money. This group of misfits often find themselves getting into really cringe-worthy situations. This show has romance, deceit, and a ton of awkward moments.

Why you should watch this show: I am really sad that this show is not more well-known. I only found it myself by some happy accident. It is so funny and filled with relatable moments for any 20-something who has struggled with who they are at some point. My only issue: I wish it was longer because the 6 episodes were not nearly enough to satisfy my love for this show.

6. Pretty Little Liars

Genre: Mystery

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (6 seasons-140 episodes)

Basic Plot: A group of four friends are being terrorized by an anonymous texter known as “A,” after the leader of their group goes missing and is supposedly murdered. “A” threatens to reveal the girls’ deepest secrets and to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them if they go to the police. At the same time, they begin to unravel the mystery of their friend’s murder.

Why you should watch this show: Ugh. That is the best word I can use to describe this show. It will keep you up at night…mostly because you will be watching it. This show is a serious time commitment, but it is definitely worth it. There is not a dull moment and you will be hooked from the first episode. Plus, you will get some serious fashion lessons from the characters.

7. Parks and Recreation

Genre: Comedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (7 seasons-125 episodes)

Basic Plot: This is another mock-umentary style show. It follows Leslie Knope, the female director of Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, Indiana.  Her and her staff get into absurd situations as they try their best to keep this run-down town beautiful for its citizens.

Why you should watch this show: Everything you need to know: Feminism. Aubrey Plaza.  Treat yo self. Nick Offerman. 

That is all.

8. Gossip Girl

Genre: Drama

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (6 seasons-121 episodes)

Basic Plot: This show is about a group of privileged, elite high school students living in NYC. They are constantly being watched by a blogger called “Gossip Girl” who writes about their secret romances, embarrassing moments, and basically anything that they didn’t want anyone to know. The main character is Serena van der Woodsen who is a lovable, reformed party girl. She is juxtaposed by her uptight snob of a best friend, Blair Waldorf.

Why you should watch this show: This show is incredibly addicting. I don’t think I slept much after starting it. It is like watching a train-wreck; you just can’t look away. The fashion on this show is fantastic and you will be guessing who Gossip Girl is until the last minute. It is definitely worth the time.

9. Friends

Genre: Comedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (10 seasons-236 episodes)

Basic Plot: This show is about a group of 20-somethings who live together in Manhattan. Their group dynamic often creates really funny situations. There are a quite a few notable romances that spice up the show. They are all just trying to find their way in the world and they do that together as “friends.”

Why you should watch this show: If you haven’t seen this show, chances are you are missing out on a ton of pop-culture references. This show has become a classic and there are so many quotable lines. You will fall in love with each and every character. You will root them on as they succeed and laugh at them as they fail. This show is a necessity and it will keep you busy for awhile!

And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite……..

10. Gilmore Girls

Genre: Dramedy

Long-Term Commitment or One-Night Stand? LTC (7 seasons-154 episodes)

Basic Plot: This show is about a fast-talking mother-daughter duo, Lorelei and Rory, living in the small town Stars Hollow, CT. It follows them through their various misadventures and successes in life and love. They frequently enjoy food, coffee, movies, and just generally being each other’s best friend.

Why you should watch this show: Have I said yet that this show is my favorite? Because this show is my favorite. Lorelei and Rory have gotten me through even the gloomiest times of my life. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me wonder why I don’t read Proust, listen to the Bangles, and drink 10 cups of coffee a day. This show will give you the best of feelings in your heart, while also keeping you laughing all day long.

Happy binging, my friends!!