The Sims 4 Is Releasing a New Game Pack And It’s… Strange

After a series of cryptic screenshots and tweets from game developers, The Sims announced today that The Sims 4 is getting a new game pack called “The Sims 4: StrangerVille” set to release next Tuesday, February 26. The Sims game franchise is a life simulation intended to give the players the ability to set whatever objectives or goals they please while playing. The Sims has been around since the early 2000s with four main-game titles (The Sims 1-4), but this new game pack seems to bring something entirely new to the table.

The game pack comes with a new world, StrangerVille – modelled after The Sims 2’s Strangetown – a desert town filled with secrets and conspiracies. And in StrangerVille, weird things seem to be happening. Sims are starting to behave weirdly – they’re contorting their bodies and walking around in a trance-like state for no known reason. The apparent goal of this game pack is to solve the mystery of the strangeness (although players can opt-out of the strangeness and choose to just inhabit StrangerVille like any other world). From the trailer it almost looks like the mystery might be related to zombies – but Sim Guru Lyndsay confirmed that it's not zombies. So what could it be?

The trailer and official website seems to leave a lot open for interpretation in terms of what this game pack might entail and include. What is for sure is that the game pack will include a new residential world – StrangerVille - as well as re-introduce laptops and the Military career, two things found in previous installments of the game. The game will be released on February 26th and, assuming it will follow suit with all previous game packs, should cost $20 USD.