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One Youtube Channel That You Should Watch Daily



On Good Mythical Morning, Link always says that he is glad that the audience makes the show apart of their daily routine, and I am too.


This daily YouTube show is uploaded every morning Monday through Friday. Whenever I take my break in the day to watch it, it relaxes me. This show gives me something to look forward and laugh too.


The channel comprises of the duo Rhett and Link and usually a few of their behind the scene crew members. Sometimes they even have guests such as Greg Sulkin, Zachary Levi and other well-known people.  The duo is very comical and occasionally you will learn something new interesting facts from the show.


Some typical episodes comprise of them testing various brands of the same item and ranking them. Others explore wacky food ideas or guessing games.


One of my favorite episodes recently is the one with Zachary Levi as a guest. They had masks on made up of random objects and had to guess what the object was. The masks were creatively hilarious to look at, and I couldn’t stop laughing when each made a superhero voice to match the mask without knowing the object. Between Zachary’s Bugel mask or Link’s babydoll head mask, I don’t know which one was the funniest but regardless hearing Rhett refer to the Bugel mask as Big Bird’s dangerous cousin will never leave my mind.


If you miss the show when it is not uploaded on the weekdays or after the daily show, do not fret! There is a show after the daily episode which acts as a bonus daily show called Good Mythical More. And on the weekends there is a Saturday show where crew member Stevie, hosts a recap show of the week with Rhett and Link.

Sydney is a Visual Communications major at MTSU and a former co-correspondent to the MTSU HerCampus Chapter. She aspires to be a magazine designer or an illustrator. She also works as a designer for MTSU's school newspaper. In her free-time, she enjoys creating collages in photoshop while listening to Twenty One Pilots.
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