Need Music To Cry To? We’ve Got a Playlist For That

We’ve all had those days - everything seems to suck and all you want to do is put on sad music and cry for a while. We get it, it happens. And we’ve got a playlist just for that.

1. How To Save a Life - The Fray

2. Youth - Daughter

3. Be Still - The Fray

4. The Memory - Mayday Parade

5. Diaspora - The Calm Blue Sea

6. The Scientist - Coldplay  

7. Never Be The Same - Red  

8. Angels On The Moon - Thriving Ivory  

9. Hang - Matchbox 20  

10. Miserable at Best - Mayday Parade  

11. That Home - The Cinematic Orchestra  

12. Nitesky - Robert Koch  

13. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy  

14. I Could Live With Dying Tonight - Emma-Lee  

Heres a link to the full playlist on YouTube!