Meet Our Her Campus at MTSU Chapter Mascot: Danu!

We at the MTSU HerCampus Student Chapter decided to have a mascot for this chapter! Since this chapter’s editor (me) has so many chickens (currently over 70), we thought that we might as well pick one as a mascot.

To us, chickens symbolize being bold and being curious. Chickens are not afraid to investigate and try new things.

She will represent the beginning of this chapter and will grow as we grow!

She is a little chicken named Danu. She is named after the Irish goddess Danu, said to be the mother of other gods. A perfect name for a perfect chick!

Danu hatched on March 22nd with four other chicks. Danu had a rough start to life. She needed help hatching because her egg was half crushed, and doing so exposed her yolk sac.

When chicks are inside of the egg, they are slowly absorbing the yolk. Because she had to be hatched earlier than she wanted, her yolk sack was still exposed. A band-aid was just placed over it and after a few hours she was able to absorb everything!

She is now happily running around with her mom and siblings, and will continue to as she grows.

Periodically articles will be written showing as much she has grown!