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A brown lion-head rabbit laying on the floor.
A brown lion-head rabbit laying on the floor.
Original photo by Kirby Mealer

Living with 2 Rabbits and a Parrot in 1 Room (TL;DR : Stinky and Noisy)

Because of Covid-19, I’ve been home *a lot* more than I usually am, giving me plenty of time to spend time and bond with my pets. What better way to bond with them than to have them all live in the same room as me, right? I am going to describe what it has been like living with two rabbits and a parrot in the same room. 


There is never a dull moment in my room anymore. Even though rabbits are supposed to be quiet pets, mine like to make noise any way that they can. Whether that be throwing boxes and bowls, running into their cage wall, or thumping their feet, rabbits are definitely not quiet animals. Pairing that with a parrot, sometimes they bounce off of each other. If the rabbits are upset, my parrot gets upset and vise versa. But a break from the silence of my room is actually quite nice. It can be scary in the middle of the night when I hear a loud bang, but during the day it is not too bad.


Although I described them to be quite nosy, during any video calls for meetings or class they are surprisingly quiet. My parrot will actually sit and watch the call intently, not making any sound unless I leave the room. The rabbits still do their own thing, but since they are more active at night they tend to be asleep during any of my online classes.


It feels nice to not be alone all the time. Even though rabbits and parrots are not a cuddly type of pet and like to vibe in their own space, just knowing that they are here with me makes me feel a whole lot better about not being able to hang out with friends that I used to. When I need a brain break from working on my computer, I can literally turn around and watch them all hang out and it’s calming.


Pets require routine, and matching a routine of a parrot and a rabbit can be tough. They both eat and drink at the same time, but bonding time can be a challenge. The reason why it is challenging for me in particular is because my parrot cage is standing in the middle of my rabbit pen. So if I wanna pet my parrot, I need to be standing in the middle of the rabbit pen which can scare my rabbits. 


One main struggle of keeping pets in my room is that they poop a lot. My parrot mostly stays in his cage area for easy clean up, but when he leaves his cage he will pop every 5 minutes and I have to follow behind him and clean up if he decides to roam on the floor. Rabbits are the same way, but at least their poop is conveniently in little balls that are easy to clean. Pee, however, is a bit harder to clean up. 


For a TL;DR, having rabbits and a parrot share a room with me can be noisy and smelly, but overall it is a calming experience. I no longer feel alone being in my room.


Hello! I am the editor of the Her Campus at MTSU Student Chapter. Being an Animation major and Art minor at MTSU, I enjoy all things animated as well as creating digital art. I also love animals and own a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a parrot, and a dozen chickens. There is never a dull moment for me!
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