Five Movies to Watch on Netflix on a Rainy Day (Or Week)

It seems those rainy days keep on coming lately (it’s supposed to rain through the weekend here in Murfreesboro), but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring days. Instead of spending the next few days wondering what you’re gonna do while you’re stuck inside, spend your time with five of the best teen rom-com/drama movies on Netflix right now.

1. Bring It On: In It to Win It

The only Bring It On movie on Netflix right now, In It to Win It stars PLL’s Ashley Benson as Carson, the captain of the West Coast Sharks cheer team. The Sharks take on their ultimate rival, the East Coast Jets at the Camp Spirit-Thunder cheer competition, but when all goes wrong, the two teams will have to resort to drastic measures to stay in the game. I grew up with the Bring It On movies (they 1000% convinced me to join my high school’s cheer team) and nothing brings on more nostalgic feelings than hearing “J to the E to the T to the S, Jets kick ass from east to west!”.  

2. The Spectacular Now

Starring Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson, The Spectacular Now is a rom-com/teen drama film about a pretentious, alcoholic teenage boy named Sutter as he tries to navigate life the spring/summer before starting college. Woodley stars as his unlikely female counterpart, smart and shy Aimee. This movie is full of the crazy ups and downs that any teen romance movie has, but Teller and Woodley bring an extra flare of charm to it that makes you want to scream, cry and cheer on Aimee and Sutter as they try to put their lives together and watch it all fall down.

3. Bridge to Terabithia

Ready to cry? Jesse isn’t the most popular boy in school; he’s a target for bullies and really only has a friend in his music teacher - but that all changes when colorful and creative Leslie moves in down the road. The pair create a world of their own through friendship and tales of monsters and princesses, and if you haven’t seen Bridge to Terabithia, you’re missing out on one of the most heartbreaking and yet also heartwarming films of all time. Seriously, just go watch it. It’s the best. 

4 and 5: A Cinderella Story and Another Cinderella Story

What’s one without the other? The original Cinderella Story movie of the 2000s, A Cinderella Story stars everyone’s unproblematic fave Hillary Duff as Sam Montgomery, who dreams of escaping her evil stepmother and going to Princeton. Sam has a sweet, charming online pen-pal that she shares so much in common with – even though he happens to be star football player Austin Ames. After the pair meet at a masquerade ball and Sam loses her phone, Austin strives to find his mystery woman’s identity. Another Cinderella Story stars Selena Gomez as Mary Santiago, an impressive dancer trying to get a scholarship to the Manhattan Academy of Performing Arts in hopes of escaping her obnoxious and self-absorbed caregiver Dominique Blatt, who took Mary in when her mother died. After a chance encounter at the school’s ball and losing her MP3 player, Mary meets her prince charming – only problem is, he’s world-famous singer and dancer Joey Parker. Both movies follow the classic Cinderella plotline, but with their own 2000s twists, additions and drama, they make for the best movies for a girl’s night. Did you know – Selena Gomez was 16 when Another Cinderella Story aired, but Drew Seeley – who played Joey Parker – was 26?!  

There you have it – five of the best (or at least five of my personal favorite) movies on Netflix to watch this weekend. With plenty of drama, humor and lost electronic-devices to go around, these movies make for the best rainy-day viewing.