5 Pieces of Halloween Decor You Can Keep Up All Year Long

Spooky season is finally here! That means candy, costumes, and new decor. There is always new decor in every store at this time of year, so I did all of the hard work for you. Here are 5 pieces of Halloween decor that you can sneak into your year-round aesthetic.

  1. 1. Ghost Pillows

    This pillow is the perfect cuddle buddy for not only your scary endeavors but your post-exam naps and Christmas morning cuddles. This pillow may be meant for the harvest season, but the softness is hard to let go of. Just look at that face!

  2. 2. Skeleton Tub

    The commode, the throne, the john. What would possibly make your time in the restroom better? Perhaps this skeleton taking a bubble bath could. Imagine you are getting ready to take a bath and you look down at your sink and see it: a beautiful skeleton taking a bath. What could possibly make your bath better?

  3. 3. Coffin Shaped Porch Leaner

    Decorated door for halloween

    This porch leaner is amazing for anybody who wants to add that special piece of decor to their porch as a way to show others the spirit of Halloween all year long. Whether it be for the spooks or just for fun, it’s sure to show off your scary chic style.

  4. 4. Test Tube Shot Glasses

    If you like doing shots, why not do it from a test tube? These scientific drink holders are perfect for your inner mad scientist. Whether you are a chemistry major or just find inspiration from mixing chemicals, these shot glasses are perfect for you.

  5. 5. Votive Short Candle Holder

    What is a home without some sort of Addam’s Family tribute? This votive candle holder is the perfect way to show your love to the scariest family around. Thing would also probably appreciate the love as well. Not to mention it just looks cool.