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Which Friend Are You In Your Squad?

1. When you’re planning on going out partying with your friends,

A   you are the designated driver, always making sure your friends don’t end up drunk-texting their exes.

B   you try to change their minds and persuade them to binge-watch The Bachelor with bags of popcorn once again!

C   you make sure you don’t stay out for longer than two hours so you have enough time to get enough sleep AND finish your paper due next week.

D   you’re down for just about anything new and exciting — whether it’s going to a rock climbing gym at 2 am or club hopping.


2. Your go-to outfit is

A   a floral dress, with neutral dangling earrings.

B   a messy bun, sweatpants, and tank top.

C   a graphic tee and shorts.

D   a crop top with leggings, obviously.


3. The TV show character most like you is

A   Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

B   Vanessa Abrams, Gossip Girl

C   Betty Cooper, Riverdale

D   Arya Stark, Game of Thrones


4. Your favorite chick-flick is

A   Titanic

B   Love Actually

C   The Duff

D   Date Night


5. Your college major is most likely to be

A   something along the lines of education and psychology or health and nutrition.

B   something to do with humanities or social sciences.

C   a double major in two sciences.

  an ancient studies class that would take you on field trips!


If you got mostly:

A’s   You’re the mom friend! You’re super responsible and everyone in your squad relies on you for just about anything.

B’s   You’re the chilled-out one! You love just hanging out with your pals but definitely prefer staying in and just relaxing.

C’s   You’re the studious one! Deadlines are your worst fear.

D’s   You’re the spontaneous one! You’re always up for fun and exciting plans, whether it’s an impromptu road trip or a visit to a new restaurant that’s just opened up.


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