What Would Disney Characters Major In?

What if the Disney characters were college students instead of cartoon characters? Here are the different majors that Disney characters would choose as their courses of study if they went to college.


1. English: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is often seen with a book in hand. She would appreciate the freedom to read as many books as she’d like as an English major without being judged by her peers back home. She’d write her senior thesis on the “Prince Charming” trope.


2. Culinary Arts and Nutrition: Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Since Tiana runs her own restaurant, having a degree in the Culinary Arts would be helpful in furthering her career. Tiana’s love of cooking would make completing her major a breeze. She’d learn how to cook a variety of different cuisines. She’d be consistently at the top of her class.


3. Psychology and Education: Wendy from Peter Pan

Wendy would focus on early education, and would want to become a preschool or elementary school teacher after graduation, inspired by her time spent with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Even though it’s sad that we all have to grow up, Wendy would make sure that every child starts out with a happy childhood.


4. Gender Studies: Mulan from Mulan

After joining the army despite being forbidden because of her gender, Mulan already knows that anyone of any gender is capable of great things. She’d probably be very interested to learn more about the theory and history behind feminism and LGBT+ rights.


5. Classics: Meg from Hercules

Though she would be shocked to learn the actual myth surrounding Hercules and Megara, Meg would major in Classics. She’d probably minor in Art History, focusing on Ancient Greek sculpture.


6. International Relations: Elsa from Frozen

As a queen, studying the interactions between different nations would be perfect for her major. She’d likely doubt her abilities at first, hiding her abilities just as she did her ice powers, but she would become a strong student by her junior year.


7. Music: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

After regaining her stolen voice, Ariel would finally appreciate her own musical talents.  She would focus on vocal training and music theory. In her spare time, she’d sing in various a cappella groups and the choir.


8. Art: Cinderella from Cinderella

Cinderella would likely have a special double major in Fashion or Costume Design, inspired to make beautiful dresses by her Fairy Godmother. She may even dabble in glass blowing, making her own glass slippers.


9. Biology: Moana from Moana

Inspired by her love of the ocean, Moana would likely major in Biology, focusing on Marine Biology. She’d intern for an ocean conservation group during the summer after her sophomore year.

All of the Disney characters in this list would likely do well in their academic endeavors. If there is anything that Disney movies teach us, it is that we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to.


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