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What We Need to Realize About Hustle Culture

Finding yourself with a much more flexible schedule than you are used to can be challenging. In the current age of social distancing and quarantine, it is important that we protect ourselves and others by staying home, but a complete change to online work or school, or just being home in general, is a huge transition. Everyone has different struggles with having a completely changed daily routine, and I personally have been really noticing the potential toxicity of what some people call “hustle culture”. 

If you, like me, fall into the trap of feeling as though you have a responsibility to do more and more with whatever free time you have, you have probably noticed hustle culture around you. Although I personally thrive off of a mentality of working hard and diving deep into my passions because that is something that genuinely makes me happy, the toxic side of hustle culture emerges when you feel guilt for having free time and not being productive enough with it. The unique situation of mass quarantine that we are all experiencing has provided a perfect landscape for this culture to amass. You have likely seen a TikTok on your “for you” page or a post on your Instagram feed about starting a side hustle during quarantine or giving yourself a total makeover. And while I think that doing these things is amazing, and that you certainly should use this opportunity to make yourself better in some way, it is all about balance. If you can dive headfirst into that project you have always wanted to do and never had time for, that’s great! But something I have learned about myself during this time is the true importance of taking time for yourself. You do not need to feel guilty for resting, practicing some self care or simply existing in this crazy time. Those who do not have the resources to use their free time renovating their garage or learning the newest yoga flow should never feel guilty for doing the things that are essential for them instead. 

So go forth into this quarantine and do what is right for you, whether it is starting that earring business or just caring for your family, there is no wrong answer. And while you are at it, take some time for yourself. You deserve it. 


Xoxo, Bella 


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Isabella LoRe

Mt Holyoke '23

Hi! I'm Bella, a first year at Mount Holyoke College. I love fashion, documenting my life on my Youtube channel, and crafting obnoxiously complicated coffee orders (sorry baristas).
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