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What Each of My Stickers Means To Me

Since my first year of college, I have always had stickers covering my laptop. It is a way to express myself, plus they are great conversation starters. People always ask me what each of my stickers means or why I have them on my laptop. Well, my friends, you will get your answers. In this article, I will explain the significance of each sticker on my laptop. 

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1. San Francisco skyline 

    This sticker is significant to me because SF is my hometown. I always love driving across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands to watch the sunset and the fog roll over the city. 


2. Maine

    This is another state that has had a significant impact on my life. I consider Maine a home away from home. I would go to sleepaway camp with my sister and we would explore the great outdoors of this magnificent state. I also have been working there as a counselor for the past 3 summers. 


3. MHC Green Griffin

    One of my first memories at Mount Holyoke was convocation. Showing our class pride as Green Griffins has been a highlight of my college career. Plus, this sticker was designed by a friend of mine. 


4. #Psychology  

    I got this sticker because I wanted to have something simple that still showed that I was a psychology major. 


5. Mount Holyoke Chorale

    This is another sticker designed by a friend of mine. This sticker was designed for the Mount Holyoke College Chorale. Joining chorale was one of the best decisions I made in college. It not only allowed me to deepen my love of singing, but it also allowed me to be a leader by being a part of the board. 

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6. Songs About Jane album cover 

    This sticker is on my laptop because Songs About Jane is my favorite album by my favorite band, Maroon 5. 


7. Guitar

    I have a guitar sticker on my laptop because I love playing guitar during my spare time. It was one of my first experiences with music. I teach guitar at the summer camp I work at. 


8. John Mulaney

    John Mulaney is one of my favorite comedians. One of my favorite skits of his is the horse loose in the hospital. It’s the perfect analogy to describe Trump’s presidency. I definitely recommend watching his Netflix special Kid Gorgeous to see the full context of the joke. 


9. Blue French Horn

    I have this sticker because my favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother. One of the recurring gags (and my personal favorite) on the show is the blue french horn. This was a huge symbol of Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbatzsky’s relationship (two of my favorite characters on the show). 


All these stickers are available on Redbubble for purchase. Do you guys have any stickers and if so, are there any meanings behind them? 


If you would like to write for Her Campus Mount Holyoke, or if you have any questions or comments for us, please email hc.mtholyoke@hercampus.com.    

Emma Goldin

Mt Holyoke '21

Hi guys! My name is Emma Goldin and I am from San Francisco, California. I am a psychology and education major at Mount Holyoke College! I am part of the class of 2021! My interests include writing, singing, reading, playing guitars, and hanging out with my friends and family.
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