Ways to Style a Mock Turtleneck

I went home last weekend and spent time with my sister and a friend she brought back from college. One of the things we did together was making a trip to Saver’s. For those who don’t know, Saver’s is a thrift store like Goodwill that sells second-hand clothing and other donated items. These stores are really great because people can access good clothing for less expense, and thrift shopping as opposed to buying fast fashion is better for the environment.

The haul we got from this particular trip consisted of some great cotton mock turtlenecks. My sister and I each got three, and each spent around ten dollars. Mock turtlenecks are comfy, quality shirts (my favorite is when they are made of cotton) that are long-sleeved with a turtleneck collar that only rises midway up the neck and doesn’t need to be scrunched or folded like the traditional turtleneck.

I bought three colors: white, cream, and black. Already, I’ve been imagining all of the different ways I’m going to style this garment. Firstly, you can wear the shirt as it is. Something I like to do to dress up this look is to wear a necklace around the mock neck. You can see that Billie Eilish has this look down!

Another way to wear a mock turtleneck is under a short sleeved shirt. This way, you can still wear your favorite tee and wear layers during the winter. This particular fashion is definitely popular right now.

On trend with the previous style, wearing your mock turtleneck under a tank top or sleeveless dress is really in right now. I really like the way you can wear silk or lace even in the cold seasons when you layer it over a long-sleeved shirt.

I also own an oversized v-neck sweater, which would look great over my black mock turtleneck. There are countless ways to style this comfortable, versatile and stylish article of clothing. I hope you are inspired to try some of these outfits out! No more thick, constricting turtlenecks like the ones your parents would make you wear in second grade that made you look neck-less and feel as if you were choking. Mock turtlenecks are in, and perfect for spicing up your winter wardrobe. 


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