The Top Newest Korean Dramas to Watch

It’s me, and I’m back with more Korean Drama (Kdrama) “news.” If any of you are avid Kdrama fans, you know that new dramas always compete with the old ones for your heart. Recently, I’ve run into some of this with the newest Kdramas of 2017. I haven’t watched two of the dramas on the list, but I’m so excited for them, I decided to throw them in here and spread the excitement. So, without further ado, here are my top dramas so far for 2017:


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

This is my all time favorite kdrama (until a better one comes out of course). If you watched W and Cheese in the Trap, this drama is for you. Lee Sung-Kyung, who starred as Baek In-Ha in Cheese in the Trap, plays Kim Bok-Joo, a weightlifter who falls in love with a doctor, Jung Jae-Yi (played by Lee Jae-Yoon), who runs an Obesity Clinic. However, there is a “all-things-in-the-world-are-connected-twist” as in all Kdramas, where the obesity clinic doctor is the brother of a long time school friend of Kim Bok-Joo. This brother is a swimmer and goes to the same college as Kim Bok-Joo. Here is where we see cast reunion as the swimmer is played by Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jung Joon Hyung, whose beautiful face was unfortunately sidelined to side actor in Cheese in the Trap. We follow these two as they start to admit their feelings for each other, and it all happens because Kim Bok-Joo decided to lie to Jae-Yi, saying she was studying the Cello. Being the sweetheart he is, Joon Hyung helps to keep her secret. Oh, and I forgot to mention: Joon-Hyung’s ex is Bok-Joo’s roommate. Isn’t that lovely?

If you watch this drama for no other reason, it should be for this. This right here is amazing.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama could fall into the typical “Rich guy, poor girl” category. Park Bo-Young plays Do Bong-Soon, a young woman with abnormal strength that came with a tragic, generational back story. It goes something like this: all the women in her family were gifted with abnormal strength, but using the ability too much causes them to eventually lose it, and when they have a child, if the child is a girl, the ability is passed. Now, this may not seem tragic, because it wouldn't seem to stop these women from continuing to live...except that these women build a career and life on their strength, and when it is gone, so is their life. When Bong-Soon is hired by An Min-Hyuk, played by Park Hyung Sik, a rich company owner who wants a strong bodyguard, she has to worry about losing her power and of course the way it would change her life. But for the most part, we can focus on her and her boss falling in love as all things Kdrama.


Legend of the Blue Sea

Who doesn’t love a Lee Min-Ho drama? He never gets old and stays beautiful. I’m somewhat of an amateur Kdrama fan, and had only seen him in two other dramas, which seemed to fit the typical pretty-boy Kdrama role (and yes, one of these dramas was Boys Over judgement please). However, this was different for me. So, here’s the deal. This is one of those reincarnation type dramas. The ones where something helpful you did in the past turns into a romance in the present. Lee Min-Ho stars as Dam Ryung, a newly appointed governor in 1598, and he meets Mr. Yang, an innkeeper who captures a mermaid called Sim Chung after she is washed up on land by a storm. Ryung, being the good guy that he was, saved her and released her back into the ocean. But in the present day, Ryung is now a mastermind conman named Joon-Jae, who makes a fortune...well...conning people, as you might have guessed, and who holds no loyalties. Once again, Sim Chung is coincidentally washed up on land by another storm and finds her way into his home. Because I know you’ll want to know: yes, it becomes a love story.


Bride of the Water God

(Bride of the Water God comic)

I haven’t see this drama because… it has not been made yet, but the producers are putting together a cast and I’m super psyched. This drama is based on the manhwa Bride of the Water God. It’s quite a mystical and enchanting story and I’m currently reading it. It is about a small village where the Water God demands a sacrifice a beautiful maiden in order for the villagers to get rain. Another drought ensues, and a particular maiden is sacrificed. As a young girl, a fortune teller told her that she would love two people, and after being taken to the Water God’s home, she meets two different men one a twelve-year-old, the other older. The younger one appears in the day, the older at night, and she becomes smitten by both of them, not realizing they are the same person.


Missing Nine

Mysteries, mysteries. Who doesn’t love them? I also haven’t watched this drama but the concept seems very interesting and I’m hoping to make the time to watch it very soon. This drama is about nine people who flew on a private plane to a concert. However the plane crashes and they are stranded on an island. Fortunately, all of them survive, but only one survivor returns to South Korea. So, what happened to the other eight?

So where can you go to watch these fabulous shows? My favorite websites are and Sometimes, dramas will air on both of these websites, but can be exclusive to one at other times. Viki is particularly fun because you can see live comments from other viewers. It’s sort of like watching a show with a bunch of goofy friends. To see my previous article on Kdramas, click here.

The following video is from one of my favorite YouTubers, HallyuBack. When it comes to Kdramas, she gives the best information on upcoming dramas that are a must-watch.

Happy Kdrama watching and leave a comment, telling us about your favorite Kdramas!


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