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Top 5 Things To Do During Winter Break When You’re Bored

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mt Holyoke chapter.

Sometimes winter can seem like endless dark nights, cold whips of wind, and snowstorms that last a millenia. It can be hard to think about fun things to do when the outdoors seems a little uninviting and you’ve already binged too many holiday movies. As much as we all love being home for the holidays, surrounded by good food and good company, we certainly tend to become bored. There’s no schoolwork to do, parties to attend on campus, or dining hall food to eat. Here’s a list of things to do when you’re bored over winter break. With that in mind, soak up every minute of winter break before returning to school for a fantastic spring semester! 

1. Research Snow Tubing Parks Near You and Make It a Day! 

Most cities have parks or local ski resorts that get turned into snow tubing areas during the holidays! Tubing is a thrill as it is typically faster than slides and the courses are even better! It’s a great activity for hanging out with friends or family. The laughs and memories you make while zooming down the hill are some of my favorite in the winter by far. 

2. Test Your Baking Skills 

I am by no means a chef, but baking is a fun pastime, especially during the winter. Make an event out of it! I like to pretend I am on the Great British Baking Show, making mystery desserts that I have to come up with based on what I find in the kitchen. Some have been really good, others not so much. Despite that, it’s about the process and the joy you can find by doing something as simple as baking. Make something for someone you love or yourself and have an amazing time! 

3. Take a Road Trip With Your Friends 

Just because it’s not summer does not mean you can’t go on a road trip! Grab that AUX cord and listen to some jams! Drive for hours and sing all the way and you might end up going on an amazing adventure. Some of the best journeys are those without a destination, spontaneously pulling over at random antique stores or checking out local events happening as you drive by small towns. If you see something on a sign, why not stop and check it out! 

4. Apply For a Spring/Summer Internship

This is one of the best times to reflect on your personal goals. What do you want to pursue? What are you passionate about? You can begin by just researching while watching a holiday movie you’ve seen numerous times. Drink that hot cocoa and relax because you are looking into things that are for you. This isn’t a paper or a reading assignment, it’s what you make of it. Enjoy the process of working for yourself during this holiday season. 

5. Remodel Your Bedroom! 

I can’t tell you how many times I have moved furniture around my room. One of my favorite things to do is reorganize my bookshelf be it based on genre, series, or just personal association. This activity will take a chunk of time if you’re bored, and trust me it is a good way to waste time, especially during a snowstorm. Paint those walls and look up DIYs… the possibilities are endless. 

Overall, your winter break is what you make of it. The weather may be gloomy but we can make it bright with the joy and memories we can create. I hope you try some of these suggestions out and hold onto the small moments that make you smile during this winter season. 

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Amanda Thibodeau

Mt Holyoke '24

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