Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Fall

While fall is a great season of the year, with the leaves changing colors and the cooler temperatures giving you the excuse to bundle up in cozy sweaters, it can also be a very stressful time. From starting classes in early fall to the dreaded midterm season in which we now find ourselves, your schedule can get pretty overwhelming. However, there are few things I’ve done to help de-stress during this time and I hope they will work for you as well!

  1. 1. Get enough sleep!

    There is nothing worse than staying up all night and then trying to grind through class the next day when all you want to do is go back to your room and take a nap. When I find myself working really late at night and am getting extremely tired, I tend to just go to bed instead of continuing to work, because chances are that it’ll take so much longer to finish my work while I’m half asleep than when I’ve had a decent night’s sleep. Also, the day is so much better when you’re not about to fall asleep every time you sit down. 

  2. 2. Make an effort to spend time with friends outside of academic settings.

    When I find myself feeling stressed thanks to all the time spent studying and doing homework, it is such a relief to have a relaxing break and spend some time hanging out with my friends. It is also important to clear your mind from school work for a few hours. 

  3. 3. Get off campus and explore the area!

    Last weekend, I got off campus for the first time and had a chance to explore Amherst, MA. I visited the Saturday farmers’ market and got some fresh raspberries, which I had been missing since moving into school. I also got some bubble tea! It was so wonderful to experience a place other than Mount Holyoke for the first time in several weeks (I love MHC, but spending over four weeks on the same campus kind of feels like spending four weeks in your house). It was really relaxing to have a change of pace and see more of the area where I attend school! I would really recommend doing this if you’re feeling cooped up and overwhelmed by having spent so much time in the same place.

  4. 4. Give yourself credit for small successes.

    It’s easy to feel really overwhelmed by the prospect of important papers and exams, especially since they usually carry a lot of weight in your final grade, but don’t forget to be happy for any small successes you have. It could be as simple as giving yourself a pat on the back for getting out of bed five minutes earlier or having a really interesting conversation with a friend or classmate; anything that makes you accomplished, no matter how small, is something to be proud of! When I am upset because I feel like I haven’t been getting anything done, I find it really helpful to think about all the small things that I actually have done. 

These are just some things I’ve done this fall that have really helped me to de-stress when I’m feeling like I just have way too much going on. Hopefully they help you have a wonderful fall as well!


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