Things That Made Me Feel Good This Week

Recently I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut of school and homework and haven’t really been able to think of much else. It’s so easy to feel this way, and sometimes it can be hard to get out of it. Some days it can be a random thing that takes my mind out of this rut, but other times I just have to trudge along. So I thought I’d share some of the things that made me feel better this week and helped ease the feeling of being stuck.


The first is chocolate milk. This is very random and may not apply for everyone, but I love chocolate milk and haven’t had it in months, so when I drank that first cup it instantly made me feel better. In my opinion, very little can compare to the chocolatey goodness of chocolate milk. 

Anna Schultz-Denim Jacket With Patches And Milkshake Anna Schultz / Her Campus

With the weather getting colder, it made me happy to bring out my extra blankets and sweaters. Being able to pull the covers up to my chin without sweating always feels good after a long, hot summer. Another great thing about the weather changing is that my dogs get cold and they want to cuddle! This past week I’ve spent some quality time with my dogs on the couch just laying underneath blankets together. 


I started to make playlists on Spotify based on different moods I feel and then listen to those depending on what I’m feeling. This helps when I’m stuck in a rut and feeling down because I’ll put on my happy playlist and it’s an instant mood booster. Other times I’ll put on my sad playlist and it helps me work through whatever I'm feeling. 

Two people listening to music Via Nicholas Githiri on Pexels

This past week I also started to rewatch some old favorite TV shows like Criminal Minds and Merlin, which bring me great comfort and haven’t been watched in a long time. I’ve also rewatched some of my favorite movies that always make me feel better like Stardust and The Neverending Story, which I also haven’t seen in a long time and are always bound to make me feel better. 


Making lists may seem trivial, but they help me whenever I’m feeling stuck. Usually I feel this way because of school, so I make a list of everything I have to do for school this week and order it by what needs to be done first. This way I can cross things off as I go. The small satisfaction of crossing something off of that list just lifts weight from my shoulders, and makes it easier to move onto the next task. 


Feeling unproductive and stuck in a rut is the worst especially during the school year, but just writing all of these things down made me feel better. I hope you’re all doing well! 


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