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Every once in a while I will take a break from the angsty, sad, or action TV show that I typically watch and find something more uplifting to binge. Recently I’ve been in the mood for something more fluffy and sweet than my usual taste. I looked high and low and started many shows without watching multiple episodes until I finally found the perfect show. It is cute without being cringey, it’s funny without being obnoxious, and its characters are all worth fawning over. This happy, happy show is called “Komi Can’t Communicate”.

“Komi Can’t Communicate” is about a girl, Komi, who has severe social anxiety and cannot talk because of it. However, she wishes she could interact with other people and her classmates. The show begins at the start of high school, where Komi’s classmates misinterpret her silence in various ways, and she becomes popular without saying a word. On the first day, Komi meets Tadano who is just your average-in-every-way guy and he is the only one that realizes her inability to talk. The two start a very cute friendship and set out to try to achieve Komi’s goal of gaining 100 friends. 

This show is so wholesome, and while some of the characters do fall into the typical stereotypes, I think that they each get the perfect amount of screen time where you’re not overwhelmed or annoyed by the characters. The real standout is Komi herself and one of her first friends Najimi who is the complete opposite of Komi. The dynamic of these two is always a joy to watch and leads to some of the funniest moments in the show. 

I do have to say that the sweetest moments in the show are between Komi and Tadano. The two seem like an unusual pair, but it is honestly such a joy to watch them interact with each other. Komi gets her first friend in Tadano, and Tadano gets someone who sees his value. Their budding romance is so cute and leads to many blushing moments that will make anyone squeal with happiness. 

As someone who does not suffer from social anxiety as Komi does, the show is still relatable as everyone has moments where they’re unsure of what to say, do, or how to act. “Komi Can’t Communicate” shows (in an extreme way) the hesitancy and insecurity we all feel throughout high school and even college, and it’s done in such a good way and isn’t condescending at all. 

This show has so many moments that just make me want to rewatch the whole show to experience it again. It hasn’t been a week since I’ve finished and yet I’m thinking about a rewatch… maybe I’ll read the manga series it’s based on first. There is only one season, with the second coming out in April 2022 so now is the perfect time to watch the show!

There are so many more amazing things about this series, and I could probably go on and on about it. Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to at least check it out, happy watching! 

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