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I have so many essays to write every semester. Sometimes I can’t even get myself to start writing even with a looming deadline. One way that I can get started, or get motivated to start, is by choosing a song to set the mood for writing. I feel that music helps to keep me from getting too distracted and losing focus. I know that not everyone can write to music, and sometimes I do just write in silence. However, there are times I need a soft song to play in the background, sometimes I need a hype song to get me started, and other times I just need a classical piece to get me into the rhythm of writing.

Soft Songs

These songs are all good to just have playing in the background. They are best listened to when you’re already in the groove of writing and just need something that isn’t too hard to focus on. 

I Lied by Lord Huron ft. Allison Ponthier

yellow is the color of her eyes by soccer mommy 

Mirror Forever by Weyes Blood

Movies by Weyes Blood

Upbeat Songs

These songs are for those times when you need that extra push to get you started on your essay. It’s also for when you’ve lost motivation halfway through and need a little pick-me-up to bring you back to focus. These songs aren’t too noisy to make you distracted, but just enough hype to get you started. 

Alien Blues by Vundabar 

California by Grimes 

Silhouettes by Colony House 

White Sky by Vampire Weekend 

Classical Music and Soundtracks

Sometimes I just can’t concentrate when there’s lyrics in it; this is when I turn to classical music. It can be either upbeat or soft or both in the same song. Sometimes, I like listening to soundtracks to help me focus and I end up loving a TV show or movie even more than I already did. 

Grand Pas de Deux from The Nutcracker composed by Tchaikovsky

Mr. Turner’s Waltz – The Chamber Orchestra of London 

Merry-Go-Round of Life by Joe Hisaishi 

Ancient Airs and Dances: Siciliana and Primavera composed by Respighi 

I hope that classes are going well, and all your essay writing is going smoothly. Happy writing and listening!

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