Ten K-pop Songs to Keep the Spooky Season Going

With spooky season sadly coming to a close, I’m always looking for ways to keep the season going. These K-pop songs are a perfect way to keep up the spooky season mood. K-pop is known for it’s amazing visuals in music videos, and these songs are no exception. Each song has a ~spooky~ music video to go along with it that really captures all sides of this amazing season. With songs of all genres, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!




“TT” by Twice 

Halloween does not have to be scary, and this song shows the lighthearted side to this holiday! With a very sweet and bubbly song, you will be sure to catch yourself singing this Halloween staple for days. The music video is very cute as well, with each member dressing up in a different Halloween costume while inhabiting a haunted house. This music video is sure to leave you smiling. 




“Closer” by Oh My Girl

This song is very ethereal, and the music video goes perfectly with it. Taking inspiration from enchanted forests as well as other fairy tale elements, it puts a spell on the viewer to want to keep watching. As it’s not the most Halloween-y song and video, it’s been overlooked, but it is definitely one that more people should listen to.




“Fantasy” by Pink Fantasy

This group is known for dark themes in their music videos, and “Fantasy” doesn't disappoint. This rock song has all the great elements of a catchy pop song, but is different enough that you aren’t tired of it after a few listens. The music video is great, switching from abandoned buildings to deserted hospitals and empty cargo boxes, all to show the horror aesthetic of this group. 




“Scream” by Dreamcatcher

This is another rock girl group that’s known for it’s Halloween themes. This song is edgy, with an EDM sound mixed with rock to create this masterpiece. The music video is post-apocalyptic/sorceress/fantasy land all wrapped up into one, but it is more on the horror side of things which goes extremely well with the edginess of the song. 



“Voodoo Doll” by Vixx 

This group as a whole is a staple in the dark/spooky concepts of K-pop, and this song takes the cake of the spookiest. There even had to be a clean version of the music video, meaning a less scary version, not that the song or video were explicit in any way. This song has haunting visuals and an emo sound that goes perfectly with the music video. 




“Girls” by NATURE

This is a super catchy song with a dark concept. Based off of a Korean horror movie called A Tale of Two Sisters, this music video does a great job of portraying this psychological thriller/ghost story. The elaborate sets contrast with the haunting vocals and ethereal visuals of the members in the beginning adding even more to this spooky music video. 




“Full moon” by Sunmi

This sultry song came at the height of all the vampire hype in 2014, so it’s no wonder that it has a vampire concept for the music video. The concept goes perfectly with the song, blending the two into one masterpiece. This song is such a staple that other groups make covers of it during Halloween time, however, nothing can beat the original in my opinion.




“Lotto” by EXO 

This song is hard to describe; it’s edgy and dark but still has that EDM upbeat element that fuses the sounds together. The music video depicts underground gambeling/organized crime in which they get caught by the police. Playing out a bit more like an action thriller than a typical horror video, it is still one to watch out for. 




“Thriller” by BTOB

This song is old school K-pop, released in 2013. It has all the nostalgia that made K-pop into what it is today. This music video shows the members as ghosts/spirits who are going crazy but can’t do anything about it. Set in places like a graveyard and a room full of skulls, it’s easy to see why this earns a spot on this list. 




“RBB” by Red Velvet 

This song is a staple in Halloween K-pop! The music video takes inspiration from a few famous scary movies to create this one-of-a-kind video. With each of the members being chased by a werewolf, you can’t tell if he or the members of the group are the villains in this video. It is such a unique concept/music video that goes so well with this equally unique song.


I hope this helps in keeping the spooky season going for a little while longer! Happy Listening! 


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