The Story of Teslanaire Jason DeBolt

As young adults, it is common for us to be doubtful in staying true to our individual interests and passions. And honestly, this is because we already have so much on our plates. Ranging from academics to extracurricular activities and future career plans, our responsibilities are endless. Consequently, we rarely have the time to appreciate what we really enjoy. Once we start questioning what real benefits one’s peculiar interests could bring other than temporary happiness, even the pure enjoyment can be depreciated. Although this perspective of questioning is equally realistic and pessimistic, it still doesn’t provide an answer. And to be honest, there is none. However, I do have a story of a man whose personal interests turned into real assets. 

Jason DeBolt once worked nine to five for Google and Amazon. And now, at the age of 39, he retired! Due to his investment in Tesla shares, he is currently a multimillionaire with his shares worth $12 million. His narrative captivates people not because of the success alone, but also because of the particularly brave choices he made along the way. 

But, before I begin, I must address the fact that this is not a form of recommendation/offer/solicitation. Furthermore, Jason DeBolt’s approaches are reflecting his personal views and are not investment advice. I nor Jason DeBolt cannot be held responsible for any consequences by applying any of the information stated. Simply put, consider this as a tale of an independent thinker. And if you are curious about his story, continue reading!



Jason DeBolt’s steps:

  • Jason used his own experience to place himself in a different perspective. It is common for most people to follow the herd, even within investing. But there appear to be similar levels of insecurity in investing whether it is a trend or not. Hence, Jason reflected on his own experiences and interests to begin his research. And quite evidently, he was crazy about cars! Jason DeBolt was captivated by Tesla during his early 30’s and decided to journey along with the company. 
  • Jason DeBolt was an all-in investor, even though all-ins are discouraged. All-ins tend to be unadvised because of the unpredictable fluctuations of the stock market and the corresponding disruptions to our health and lifestyle. Even Jason says that he has experienced challenging times with his decision as he once lost $1.3 million in a single day last year. Nevertheless, he persisted to hold onto his shares because he believed in the value of the company and its vision. He also credits his endurance to his relatively stable mentality during stressful times. 
  • Even with his current success, Jason DeBolt did not sell his shares. Rather than selling ones’ shares, Jason received loans to finance his living. Jason continues to believe that the value of Tesla will continue to rise, hence, he decided to hold on to his current assets and provide for his retirement through other methods. 

person standing on arrow sign on road photo Photo by Smart from Unsplash

Jason DeBolt’s future plans: 

  • Surprisingly, Jason DeBolt has no bucket list. He says that he feels happy when he learns or builds something new. For example, trying different projects, learning new languages, frameworks, software, and many more. 
  • Jason DeBolt does not plan to sit back and relax. When imagining the endless holiday that now lays in front of his life, Jason answered, “You can always do that stuff for so many days.” Rather than relaxing for the rest of his life, Jason said he wants to help people. He wishes to create things and share them with others whether it’s information or building something that people can use. In broader terms, he plans to launch larger projects. 
  • Jason DeBolt is on YouTube! Jason mentioned that one of his new projects includes opening a YouTube channel. For the content, he is considering sharing tips on effective ways of thinking in order to help guide others in becoming independent thinkers.

Original Illustration by Sketchify in Canva This simple “biography” of Jason DeBolt was possible thanks to a plethora of interviews, podcasts, news articles, and YouTube videos. Accordingly, I was unable to capture Jason’s complete journey. If you are interested in further detail, I encourage you to google him! There are tons of resources available.  

And more importantly, I hope it was clear that this tale was not a guide to success, rather, an illustrative report on a man who stayed true to himself. The advice here is to brazenly step into the realms of your interests and passions. Become an expert on your own quirks, and no matter what that may be, it is a unique quality that makes you who you are. Do the little things that you look forward to and embrace it! You never know where your steps may take you :)  

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