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Spookiest Halloween Events in the Area


Did I scare you? Good! It’s that time of year again when ghosts and ghouls run amuck. Sure, it might still be early October, but everyone knows Halloween should be a month-long celebration. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays ever, and since I’ve grown up in the Western Massachusetts area, I know some of the coolest haunted attractions and events around. And a few of these really cool events are hosted by Mount Holyoke! So, whether you’re a fan of the macabre or you prefer the tamer sides of Halloween, keep reading! There’s something for any Halloween-lover to enjoy!

1. Halloween Trip to Mike’s Corn Maze

Cost: $7-Daytime or $15-Nighttime

Date: Saturday, October 15

Student Programs and the Cultural Centers are banding together to bus Mount Holyoke students to Mike’s Corn Maze at Warner Farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts. You can either board the Day Bus (1:30-4:30), or the Night Bus (6:30-9:30). The daytime events include a race through the corn maze, a petting zoo, and more! If you’re looking for something a little bit scarier, the nighttime events will be more your style! The nighttime events include Zombie Patrol Paintball and a Haunted Maze! Check out the event’s Facebook page for more details and to purchase tickets!


2. Rocky Horror Picture Show at Tower Theaters

Cost: $8.25 (50% Off if you come in costume!)

Date: Saturday, October 29

Break out your fishnets and corsets! Rocky Horror Picture Show is the perfect movie to get you in the Halloween mood! If you haven’t experienced a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Come Again Players, Halloween is perfect for your first time! (And humorously, newbies are referred to as “virgins” when they see the show for the first time. It’ll make more sense once you see the show.) While the movie isn’t scary, it does contain a lot of sexual themes and innuendo, so only go if you’re comfortable with that type of material! For more information about the showing, check out the Come Again Players website!


3. Six Flags Fright Fest

Cost: $68.99

Date: October 1-October 31

Unfortunately, Six Flags New England is a bit of a drive away. However, it is definitely worth it! During the day, you can enjoy tons of thrilling rides and fun shows. Then, once night falls, you can experience the scarier side of the park. There are “scare zones” scattered throughout the park, so you might bump into a ghost or zombie as you go from ride to ride! And, if that’s not intense enough for you, you can go on one of their many haunted walks. There are jumpscares galore! To buy tickets and for more information, check out the Fright Fest website!


4. Salem Haunted Happenings

Cost: Free-$60 depending upon the event

Date: October 1-October 31

Again, Salem, Massachusetts is a bit of a drive away, but if you are as Halloween-obsessed as I am, Salem is worth the drive. There are a variety of events scattered throughout the entire month of October, including seances, costumed pet parades, tarot card workshops, haunted tours, costume balls, and more! (Pro tip: if you’re planning on staying for multiple days, don’t book a hotel right in Salem. You’ll save money if you stay in a town near Salem.) Who knows? You just might meet the Sanderson sisters during your stay…Especially since Hocus Pocus fans can visit the filming locations!


5. DementedFX Haunted House

Cost: $20

Date: Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until October 30

This attraction is, by far, the most intense on the list: zombie-inspired haunted house attraction located in Holyoke. Ten to 15 minutes of jumpscares, chilling imagery, and pure terror await you if you decide to go to this haunted house! It is most definitely not for the faint of heart! If you’re a big fan of horror, you’ll definitely want to check this out! Check out their website for promotional videos and driving directions!

But, however you decide to celebrate the Month of Halloween (more commonly known as “October”), may you have a delightfully spooky time!

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Sarah Washington is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. She is from Wilbraham, Massachusetts. She is a prospective Sociology Major. Sarah's passions include social justice, increased visibility for multiracial individuals, feminism, and LGBT rights. Her other loves include makeup, writing, reading, and music.
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