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The Sounds of Ooo – Top Tracks from “Adventure Time”

While the show may have come to an end, the legacy of Adventure Time will continue on in the hearts of fans. One of the ways that its legacy lives on, even after its final episode, is through its creative songs. As an avid watcher and longtime follower of the show, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite and most memorable Adventure Time tunes.


1. “Everything Stays”

I loved this song so much when I first heard it that I immediately looked it up on YouTube and listened to it on repeat. This short melody is a beautiful combination of sweet and sad. The first verse is a version of the song sung by Marceline’s mom and a young Marceline. For fans of the show, this song holds extra meaning because it is the first time that Marceline’s mom is mentioned. Olivia Olson, who you may know as Joanna from Love Actually, lends her powerful yet laid back vocals to the track for the second rendition alongside a prominent bass line. Overall, this song can easily be taken out of context and listened to on its own without the show because of its musicality and emotion.


2. “I’m Just Your Problem”

Marceline appears the most on this music list because her roll on the show is rockstar vampire, so she consistently showcases her bass and vocal skills. This song in particular is one of my favorites of hers, although I may be biased as it comes from one of my favorite episodes of the show as well, titled “What Was Missing.” Olson again demonstrates her impressive vocal ability while being accompanied by a smooth, relaxed bass line and faint beatboxing. One of my favorite aspects of any Marceline song is how she brings bass to the forefront even though bass is often the least prominent instrument in any group. This song is also packed with emotion, and the lyrics are incredibly catchy.


3. “What Am I To You?”

Also from the episode “What Was Missing,” this tune is more upbeat and contains a few silly lyrics. It’s interesting to hear the song come together, starting with just ukulele before gradually adding bass, synth, and violin to the mix. In the context of the show, it’s fun to watch all the characters unite and work together after a tense situation.


4. “Bad Little Boy”

Adventure Time pulled in some big stars to lend their voices to characters over the years, and the man behind Marshall Lee is no exception. Donald Glover voices the genderbent version of Marceline in the show’s iconic crossover episodes. This song is lighthearted and has a very relaxed instrumentation and tempo. Marshall and Fionna trade off singing verses until the song closes out with a slow rap. For those who watch the show, you get to learn more about Marshall Lee and the duo’s relationship through the song as well.


5. “Francis Forever” (Mitski cover)

This tune is the only song on the list that is not an Adventure Time original. Mitski first released the song “Francis Forever” on her 2014 album Bury Me At Makeout Creek before it was covered by Marceline and her band in the episode “The Music Hole.” As previously mentioned, the song unsurprisingly contains a prominent heavy bass line. Perfectly angsty and very punk-rock, the episode greatly benefitted from the inclusion of this masterpiece.


6. Adventure Time Theme Song

How could I create a list of the best and most memorable Adventure Time songs without including the iconic opening theme? Throughout the show’s entire ten seasons, the theme song remained the same. Although only 25 seconds long and generally lacking in the lyric department, anyone who hears this melody knows exactly what it’s from.


7. “Come Along With Me”

To top off my list is the song that closes out the series finale of Adventure Time (spoiler warning for anyone who has not seen the last episode). Every episode in the series has this song playing as the credits roll, and the full version finally got its time to shine at the end of the final episode of the show. It is a peaceful tune that perfectly wraps up the series. I find it incredibly fitting that a song so integral to the show and yet so underappreciated is the song that was chosen to end it all. Even for those who haven’t watched the show, the song is a cute, enjoyable melody.


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