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Nowadays, it seems like it’s raining every day, putting a damper on everyone’s mood with the gray sky and the fact that everything is wet. I’ve compiled a list of songs perfect for listening to on a rainy day, some slow and quiet to match the tone of the day and others upbeat because heavy rain shouldn’t prevent you from having a positive attitude about the day. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs while looking at the rain dripping down your window while you are cozied up inside!


1. “Vacation” – Florist


Favorite lyrics:

But at least I know that the world is spinning when we’re tangled in the bedsheets

And at least I know that my mom is breathing when we talk on the phone


2. “I Stand Corrected” – Vampire Weekend


Favorite lyrics:

Forget the protocol

I’ll take your hand

Right in mine


3. “Wanderer Wandering” – Slow Club


Favorite lyrics:

Now it’s all making sense and I don’t feel so mad

And all that’s left to do is sing it out loud

I’ll still be singing all the way home

Cause you’ll always hear the thunder

When you’re a wanderer wandering


4. “The Good Side” – Troye Sivan


Favorite lyrics:

I’m sure we’ll meet in the spring

And catch up on everything

I’ll say I’m proud of all that you’ve done

You taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love


5. “PPP” – Beach House


Favorite lyrics:

Did you see it coming?

It happened so fast

The timing was perfect

Water on glass


6. “In San Francisco” – Told Slant


Favorite lyrics:

I hope my sister grows up

and thinks that the world is beautiful


7. “I Will Possess Your Heart” – Death Cab for Cutie


Favorite lyrics:

How I wish you could see the potential

The potential of you and me

It’s like a book elegantly bound

But in a language that you can’t read just yet


8. “The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future” – Los Campesinos!


Favorite lyrics:

With the salt up to your ankles and a view of the end of the pier

You may look down at your model’s feet

And wish that you’d just float away

And the weather here is overcast

And the sea is the same shade of grey


Next time it is raining, get inside, make sure to stay dry and warm, and listen to this playlist and let the music help you forget about the storm outside and help get you through any rainy day. Happy listening! If you want more song recommendations, check out my playlist of songs to motivate you!


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I’m a sophomore at Mt. Holyoke. I am an environmental studies major. I love running and baking.
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