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Who else is so hyped for The Eras Tour? Ms. Swift has been very quiet about her plans for costumes, setlists, and choreography. If it’s anything like her past tours, it’s going to be record-breaking and worth every second. In terms of the songs, it will be interesting to see whether she leans toward her chart-topping hits or the fan favorites. Here are my predictions for songs she might include on the setlist, album by album:


It’s easy to predict that her country albums might not get a lot of attention on tour. However, she frequently pays homage to her roots and the songs that catapulted her into stardom. “Tim McGraw” was her first hit, and “Picture to Burn” is a fiery, high-energy song that would be great for a tour.


With the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), we can only hope that we will hear a vault track live. However, I suspect that they might be saved for the surprise songs that she includes on every tour. My guess is that she will choose “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” to perform. Let’s face it though, these songs were a huge part of many people’s childhoods.

Speak Now

When Taylor released her second music video for her album, Midnights, there was a plethora of nods toward her third album, Speak Now. These included instrumental versions of the songs “Enchanted” and “Long Live.” Knowing how sneaky Taylor is, this might be a hint towards which songs from the Speak Now era she will include on tour. Additionally, she has performed “Enchanted” on a lot of tours after Speak Now, and “Long Live” is an anthem dedicated to her fans.


“All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” broke the internet. A ten minute song might be a strange choice for a tour that’s just so full of content, but it’s too iconic not to perform. She also might follow this up with a vault song, like “The Very First Night.”


1989 was Taylor’s album of pop hits. This is one of her most awarded albums, and it contains songs that are played consistently at parties. I think she will start with her famous “Shake It Off”, end with “Bad Blood”, and potentially even remix that with a song from Reputation, as it fits the vibe.


The Reputation stadium tour was one that broke records for ticket sales and attendance. It was her last in-person tour before the pandemic, and there were many songs that I think could make this list. However, I lean towards “Delicate” (she confirmed this with a comment on TikTok) and “I Did Something Bad” because it’s a perfect summary of the era.


The Lover era was one cut short due to Covid. She still had time to do a few performances and seemed to have a lot of fun performing “ME!”, so I think that she will bring this with her to tour. Taylor is also very generous in terms of listening to the demands of fans, and “Cruel Summer” is a fan favorite which has also never been performed live before.


The folklore era was marked by gentle acoustic songs and an overall toned-down vibe. I think she will take this opportunity during the tour to grab her famous guitar and sing these songs acoustic. “cardigan” and “august” are perfect for this and can be performed easily on guitar.


Evermore is definitely the under-appreciated album out of the sisterhood. Personally, I’m just crossing my fingers that we even get to hear songs from this album. If we do, here are song contenders: she has performed “willow” live before, and it is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, so I think this will be included. She also usually does one or two piano ballads on her tours, and “champagne problems” is perfect for this.


It makes sense that Taylor’s most recent album will receive more of a spotlight on tour. I think she will stick to songs that have been singles, like “Anti-Hero”, “Bejeweled”, and “Lavender Haze.” These might close out the tour, as Taylor is famous for doing an over the top dance number for her finale.

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