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Simple Creatures’ “Drug” Will Be Your New Addiction


We may only be one month into the new year, but 2019 is already looking like a promising year for music. In addition to the multitude of established artists returning with new works, there are also plenty of new groups joining the scene in 2019. One of these bands is Simple Creatures, an alternative duo comprised of the well-known Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

The duo made their debut on January 24th, with the release of their first single “Drug.” The band’s newly operating Twitter and Instagram accounts display the band’s logo, with Gaskarth and Hoppus also changing their respective profile pictures to the new icon. In terms of social media conduct, Simple Creatures appear to be utilizing a recent trend in other artists of maintaining an aura of mystery and a dependence on fan interaction. Their first post on social media simply states, “Hi. We are Simple Creatures. We just woke up from a very long sleep. We have so much to tell you, but for the moment, all we can say is that we are glad you are here.” Later posts contain similar cryptic or seemingly random messages, such as “This picture is not actually in black n’ white. Panic accordingly” and “Best way to make your chucks look instantly worn in? Run them over. You’re welcome.” The lack of information and anticipation of more music has intrigued fans of all kinds, from Blink-182 followers to All Time Low worshippers to those who are completely new to both. .

The first song from Simple Creatures, “Drug”, echoes the alternative-pop sound of All Time Low. In the words of the band itself, Simple Creatures embodies the “trash-pop” genre. Whatever the genre may be, the song is a brilliant combination of the duo’s skills and sounds. Both members lend their vocals to the track, which unsurprisingly sounds good considering Hoppus’ past feature on All Time Low’s “Tidal Waves.” The song opens with a fuzzy guitar riff before breaking out in a catchy tune of “na na na”s. Throughout its entirety, underlying guitar, echoes of hand claps, drum breakdowns, and an overall staticky pop beat lend energy to the song. Although the tempo is relatively slow, the overall vibe of the song is very upbeat. The lyrics, although sometimes relatively meaningless for the sake of the rhyme, are incredibly catchy and are guaranteed to be stuck in your head after just one listen.

Accompanying the song is a lyric video reminiscent of old drive-in movie theater ads crossed with pop art in its style and animation. The video evokes the sense of age with constant film flickers throughout the video, as if watching a projection of an old film reel. This style is also represented well by the single artwork.

I am not alone in my wonder of what comes next for Simple Creatures. While the band announced that their first EP will be available some time in March, it is unknown exactly when in March it will be released or if more singles will come in the weeks leading up to the EP’s release. Be sure to keep up with the mystery and be the first to know what’s next by following Simple Creatures on Twitter and Instagram, as well as experience “Drug” for yourself on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music.


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