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Regina Crawford ’15

Regina “Reggie” Crawford is the quintessential friendly face of Mount Holyoke.  Known for her effortless charm and warm demeanor, we chatted with MoHo’s resident entertainer about college, Queen Latifah and her extraordinary sixth-grade teacher.

What have you found most fascinating about Mount Holyoke?

I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, but was typically surrounded by people from other backgrounds. When I came to college I had the chance to interact with people who are from different parts of the world. Hearing about people’s experiences has opened my eyes to what actually occurs in society. For example, I always knew about racism and its effects, but fortunately I never experienced it firsthand. Through my sociology courses, the media, and the experiences of others I have learned so much about the social inequities upon us today. 

How did you get into hosting?

I’ve always been into singing, rapping and entertaining others.  I was fifteen when I hosted my first event- an open-mic at the Boys & Girls Club in my town. Growing up, I was really into entertainment- Queen Latifah has always been my inspiration since I’ve been a child.

What do you love most about Queen Latifah?

She’s such a positive person and powerful role model for women of color.  She’s a jack of all trades- singer, rapper, actress, and entrepreneur. Although we never met, I think we’d instantly connect on an intellectual and personal level. I always get excited when someone compares me to her.  Several people have approached me with something along the lines of,  “Hey- I saw Queen on TV and you remind me of her!” 

Aside from Queen Latifah, who else do you admire in the entertainment industry?

Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Diana Ross are four women that I truly admire. 

What future career plans do you intend on pursuing?

I want to be a middle school teacher and possibly immerse myself in the entertainment business. I highly value the role my teachers played in my life.  My sixth grade teacher and I still keep touch to this day. Upon receiving my first-term marks that year, she pushed me to aim higher. She told me, “Hey- you can do better than this. You’re smart, you can go far.”

Your story is incredibly inspiring.  School must have been a rewarding place for you!  

It was!  I loved going to school everyday because I had the chance to be surrounded by children my own age. My school gave me the courage to excel academically and embrace myself. 

You offered such poignant insight into your life- thank you so much for chatting with us this afternoon!  What advice can you offer incoming first-years and/or those interested in attending Mount Holyoke?

Surround yourself with positive people! Take the chance to get to know others different from you. Never judge a book by it’s cover because although a person may be of a different race, culture, ethnicity, or class- you really never know who has been through the same experiences.










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