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Reflecting On My First Month at Mount Holyoke

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at Mount Holyoke College for just over a month now. Choosing a college to attend was certainly no easy task for me, but after one month, I’m pretty confident that I picked the right place.

Starting college has had its ups and downs, from making new friends, adjusting to classes, and learning to live away from home, but there are so many little things I’ve noticed about Mount Holyoke (not to mention the amazing traditions like M&C’s and Mountain Day!) that certainly make it so there have been more ups than downs. On college tours, my dad would always ask the tour guide what was their favorite thing about their school that had surprised them the most. My answer to that question would be that at Mount Holyoke, people hold the door open for each other, even people they don’t already know. It’s a small gesture, but I see it as something that shows how caring, kind, and supportive Mount Holyoke is, and I am so lucky to attend a school with those qualities.

Even though I have what can feel like a mountain of schoolwork to do, I am so happy that I can truly say that I enjoy everything I am studying. My classes here are so interesting and it is wonderful to be in an environment where everyone wants to learn and support each other both inside and outside of the classroom. 

My first month at Mount Holyoke has been filled with so many different emotions: excitement, frustration, stress, joy. I’ve had good days and bad days and there is no denying that this has been hard, but looking back on it, these past few weeks at this school have been great. I’ve met so many wonderful people and the process of adjusting, though it has been challenging, has helped me become a stronger, more independent person. I’m looking forward to all that is to come and to continue to experience everything that Mount Holyoke has to offer.


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Ansley Keane

Mt Holyoke '23

I'm a first-year student at Mount Holyoke College and I am interested in majoring in English, history, or economics. I love writing, reading, exploring cool towns and cities, and listening to almost anything by Taylor Swift.
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