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I feel like this time of year, with midterms and the winter weather still lingering, it can be hard to see the bright side. One thing that can always lift my spirits is music, especially K-pop. I find that a lot of music used to cheer people up is either nostalgic or has a heavy sound to it. I wanted to share some of my new favorite bright, mood-boosting songs. 

“Super Yuppers!” by WJSN Chocome

This song is the definition of fun. The music video is funny, camp, and does not take itself very seriously. It purposely has bad visual effects to enhance the superhero theme it has. The song itself is very cute and retro. It mixes retro synths with the modern cutesy vocals. The best part has got to be the middle, where one of the members makes an announcement. It’s such a fun part of the song, and so unique that I replay it over and over again.

“Love in Space” by Cherry Bullet

This song is another retro-inspired song and has such a bright sound. From the first listen, I knew I would love it. It’s upbeat, fun, and an all-around bop. It is such an easy song to sing along to. The lyrics are fairly simple and they are so catchy, but not in an annoying way. 

“CHIQUITA” by Rocket Punch

This song does not have as bright of a sound as the others, but it is still such a mood booster. The song is still very upbeat and fun without being super light. I love the way the instrumentals and vocals melt together in this song. That really brings out the members’ vocals and accentuates the whole song as well.  

“DM” by Fromis_9

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure if I totally liked it or not. After a few listens I was like ‘what was I thinking? This song is amazing!’ and I have had it on repeat since then. This song is one that’s great to just sing and dance to. 

“SMILEY” by Yena ft. BIBI

This is another song with a slight superhero concept. It’s all about wanting to make other people smile and I love that! This song definitely makes me smile and puts me in a better mood. It’s the perfect combination of bright, upbeat, and pop that gets you hooked on the sound. 

I hope midterms have gone well, and if not maybe you can boost your spirits with one of these songs! Happy listening! 

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