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Photography Instagrammers to Follow Now So You Can Travel Vicariously

If you love travelling, beautiful places, landscape photography, or if you’re just tired of having to stay at home, here are a few Instagram accounts you can follow to travel vicariously from the safe distance of your home. 

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Fubiz Travel (@fubiztravel): Fubiz Travel is a great page to follow and curates travel photography from various artists and amateurs around the world. Whether you stop here, or use this account to help you find your next favorite artist, I can guarantee that you will enjoy yourself thoroughly.


Check out their website for more http://www.fubiz.net/en/category/photography-en/travel-en/


Roam the Planet (@roamtheplanet): One of my personal favorites, Roam the Planet is another curated Instagram page which is in their own words, “built on a passion for adventure”. From photographs of cabins with a view of the northern lights to photos of the Swiss Alps, follow Roam the Planet to discover your next bucket list holiday location or use this page to find photographers you like. 



James Lloyd Cole (@jamesllyodcole): James is a UK based photographer and also the founder of Roam the Planet. From quaint cottages to breathtaking waterfalls, his feed is sure to inspire you to travel the world and visit places you may not even have known existed! 



Fabian Greza (@fabiangreza): Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Fabian’s photos include German castles and magnificent bridges. His photos are sure to help you travel vicariously from the safety of your home. 



Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin): Tiffany is a Los-Angeles based travel photographer whose feed includes photos of breathtaking cliffs and the dazzling sun-touched ocean. Check her out and see for yourself!



Erin Babnik (@erinbabnik): Erin’s feed includes breathtaking shots of valleys and snow-covered mountains. Her feed is guaranteed to bring out the love of camping within you and if you’re like me and not really a big camper, you can just enjoy the view through her photos, :)



Patricia Davidson (@pdavidsonphoto): From wildflower fields to rivers and streams, Patricia’s photos are sure to warm your heart. The stunning sunset shots will make you want to go outside and take photos of the sky with your phone. But don’t forget to wear a mask if you do! 



These are just some of the photographers I follow and wanted to tell the world about because their photos have brought me joy on gloomy days. Maybe these feeds will lead to you finding other photographers you like, and if not, you can still enjoy the view from their perspective. These are only some of the Instagram photography accounts I follow (I follow a LOT), in no particular order and not sponsored at all. I like imagining I’m there and hope to one day be able to visit some of these places but until then, I will be here seeing them from the safety of my home.

Imaane Patel

Mt Holyoke '24

Hi! I'm Imaane, a freshman at Mount Holyoke College. I enjoy photography, listening to music and binge watching tv shows amongst other things.
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