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An Open Letter to My College BFF

Dear best friend,


As we part ways for the summer, I want to express how thankful I am for your friendship and for all the wonderful memories we’ve made. I’ve only known you for a year, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. You’ve been like a sister to me and I’m forever grateful for that.

Thank you for pulling an all-nighter with me that Thursday in the ACE House when I waited until midnight to write an 8-page paper due the next morning.

Thank you for always listening to my stupid relationship problems and for always being on my side even when it’s questionable.

Thank you for making me soup when I’m sick and for letting me drink all of your tea.

Thank you for forcing me to do homework whenever I’m not motivated. I don’t know how I would have managed to apply to so many internships and write so many cover letters without your encouragement. Honestly, I’m truly impressed with the amount of patience you have for me.

Remember the time you saved me from that night of bad decisions? You talked me through everything and let me be sad. And I remember we watched 13 Going On 30 on my bedroom floor, and Pa Chia and Chase came over with ice cream.

I’ll never forget when we went to Amherst with Talia and tried to blend in when we accidentally went into an all-male residence hall. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

I love when you give me “mom” advice and how we take a million BuzzFeed quizzes and act like they’re 100% true. I love that you shamelessly sing along to songs from the early 2000s, that you scream over anything the least bit exciting, and that you’re constantly thinking about other people’s needs over your own. I know I can count on you for anything.

To be friends with a fellow Filipina as awesome and crazy as you, someone who I really connect with, is such a blessing. I have no idea what I will do without you this summer. I can’t wait until we’re both on the same continent again!

I’m so glad Mount Holyoke brought us together and I know my college experience would be so different without you!



Your future bridesmaid

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Kalea Martin

Mt Holyoke '19

Buongiorno! I'm Kalea. I love dogs, ice hockey, and breakfast. My skills include giving hugs and singing Les Mis in the shower.