New Year New Music

Over the summer, I discovered a lot of new music that I like. Also, many of the artists that I’ve listened to for years put out new music. So, in the spirit of the new school year, I made a playlist of all the new music I’ve been listening to. I hope you enjoy! 


1. "Baby Shoes" - Bad Books 

Favorite lyrics: 

'Cause she is mean, mean and harmed

She once belonged to us, but now to the dark

She once belonged to us, now belongs to the dark


2. "Blue Bloods" - Death Cab for Cutie 


Favorite lyrics: 

I was standing with a smile chiseled into my head

With a mind in retreat to the places I wished I would've been

When you caught my gaze‚ I turned away

Planned an exit like a grand escape


3. "Boy Bye" - BROCKHAMPTON 


Favorite lyrics: 

Always feel left in the dark

Trauma the price for the patience

Character shaped like a arc


4. "One Down" - Slaughter Beach, Dog 


Favorite lyrics: 

I win the war

I feed the poor

I get anxious

And I curl up on the floor


5. "Black Friday" - Frog 

Favorite lyrics: 

Do you wanna get a drink with me

In this country we go tat for tat, wasted bumming a cigarette

Do you wanna sit and sing to me 


6. "Tiny Love" - MIKA 

Favorite lyrics: 

My life was dull

I use to walk in a different way

But now I'm dancin', dancin', dancin', dancin' 

Don't care who can see me dancin'


7. "Flagpole Sitta" - Harvey Danger 

Favorite lyrics: 

I wanna publish 'zines

And rage against machines

I wanna pierce my tongue

It doesn't hurt, it feels fine


There is quite a wide range of music in this playlist, but it is definitely worthy of a listen. I hope the songs help you discover new music that you like too. Have a great start to the semester! 


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