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I know that almost everyone either has their own Netflix account or someone else’s that they mooch off of, and I know that personally I am sometimes overwhelmed with just how much stuff I could watch on the streaming platform. I have read numerous “what to watch next” lists, but they all recommend the same shows, most of which I have already seen or am not interested in. Hopefully this list can give you an idea of what to watch next!

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Comedy: Derry Girls

I usually have a very hard time finding comedy shows that I actually find funny and not annoying, but Derry Girls is so good. The series is about Erin and her group of friends in Northern Ireland in the 90’s as they navigate school, family, and their country being in the midst of a war. While this may seem more like the premise to a drama series, the war actually takes a backseat in this show as it really focuses on the main cast. The script is hilarious and the delivery of each line in this show is so witty and sharp that sometimes it’s hard to stop laughing. 


Drama: Mindhunter

Some of my friends are tired of how much I talk about or mention this show, but it is worth every word of hype. I know that this is one of the more popular shows on this list, but not many people talk about it and I think that is a real tragedy. This show follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they form a criminal psychology and profiling unit which is now the Behavioral Analysis Unit within the FBI (this is the same unit that the show Criminal Minds is under). This show is cast perfectly, constructed, and directed very good as well.


Sci-Fi: Dark

Okay, this show continues to mindboggle me to this day. I have never seen a show more confusing that makes so much sense at the same time. This is a German show that deals with time travel, as well as a mystery intertwining through each timeline. I don’t want to say too much more about the show lest I spoil it, but I will say that I’ve never seen anything like this show, and it’s so unique that I cannot recommend this show enough. I know that some people are put off when a show/movie is in another language, but this is so captivating that you won’t even realize you’re reading subtitles.


Docu-series: Chef’s Table

I wrote a whole article about docu-series that I recommend. However, this is definitely my favorite of all. Each episode is about a different world-class chef that is pushing culinary boundaries. This show is very intriguing and will give you a different perspective on all types of food. The culinary world is one that I personally never really hear much about other than the occasional Gordon Ramsay reference, and this show is a great way to learn more about an industry that influences the whole world every day. 

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Period Drama: Alias Grace

I watched this show a few years ago and I still find myself coming back to it and thinking about the whole premise of it.  It follows the story of a convicted murderer in 19th century Canada, but she has no memory of the crime, or so she claims. A psychiatrist tries to figure out if she is telling the truth, insane, or just plain lying. The thing I like most about this series is by the end, the viewer is still wondering what is the right answer.


Horror: The Haunting Of Hill House

With this being the most popular series on the list, I feel that I don’t have to say all that much about it. However, if you don’t know, it is the story of the Crain family as they all deal with a supernatural childhood that resulted in the death of their mother. This show blew up in 2018, but then faded into the background of Netflix, and I have some questions as to why because this show is so good at prolonging the suspense and mystery that it really encapsulates the horror genre without being over the top scary. 


Hopefully you haven’t heard of most of these shows, and feel inspired to start watching one of them!


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