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It is 2022, a few days after celebrating New Year’s with my family. I received an email from my school stating that classes will be online for the first two weeks. At first, I was excited because I was not looking forward to walking to classes in cold Massachusetts. However, online classes were not my strongest fit but what could I do?

On the first day of Zoom classes, I woke up two hours earlier than my normal time because one, I had jet lag and two, I had a nightmare that I slept through my classes. Since I could not go back to sleep, I decided to have an early shower and read my book, “So Long a Letter” (I highly recommend). Once it was 9:45 am, I headed downstairs to the computer room in my dorm to have my first class. I was excited about this class because it is on a concept I am thoroughly interested in. Unfortunately, staring at my screen for one hour and fifteen minutes got boring quickly and I found myself on Twitter. Before my next class, I promised to tuck my phone away and pay attention. It was math by the way so I could not risk being behind on the first day.

The first week of Zoom classes passed by quickly. My classes were not as tasking because we spent most of the time introducing ourselves and going over the syllabus. I noticed I became a bit socially awkward during this period because going to the dining was a struggle. Also, I could not look at people when I climbed the stairs. However, I got to FaceTime a lot of my friends and take cute pictures in between my classes. 

The second week of Zoom classes was…hectic. I had to find a new spot to have my classes because someone remembered the computer room existed and got there before me. Also, the deadlines started pouring in before the week started. It was more difficult to pay attention during class. I could not wait to return to in-person classes.

Zoom classes at the beginning of this semester were quite an experience, but to be honest I got to spend more time with my roommates, have a more flexible schedule, and avoid the cold. However, I hope to never experience it again.

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Hi there! I am a Mount Holyoke student who is an ABBA enthusiast. I love binge-watching multiple shows, eating cereal, and scrolling through Tiktok. I hope to have a collection of ABBA, The Beatles, and Queen merch before I am 21. I also consider myself to be a very funny Nigerian feminist.
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