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Taylor Swift is no doubt one of the biggest artists of our generation. The album Speak Now was the first album I ever purchased for my first generation iPod. I probably know almost every lyric to every single one of her songs. However, I have found I have very controversial opinions about her songs that differ from most of her fans. So here are my top ten songs and why I love them. 

Taylor Swift on stage in colorful jacket

10. Out of the Woods-This song is really easy to sing along to and always puts me in a good mood. I think it is one of the standout songs from 1989.  

9. Love Story-If this song wasn’t somewhere on the list I would feel like a fake fan. This is maybe one of the songs that every single person knows the words to. The song itself is so catchy and the music video is pure gold. This song defined my early teenage and middle school years. 

8. Red-I mean…this song is exactly how my teenage self thought I felt every day. I would listen to this and be like “Wow, she is so right, my feelings are the color red.” The song is catchy and still reminds me of old Taylor Swift days

7. Clean-This song has the lyrics of an upbeat song but is very slowed down. I think it is lyrically and musically one of the prettiest songs she had ever created and I love to sing along to it. 

6. Mean-While I don’t think this is necessarily her best song, it is one of my favorites. I learned every word for a school talent show in 5th grade. I thought it was the most ingenious song when I first heard it. Therefore, it is in my top 10. 

5. All Too Well-This is potentially one of the most popular top picks amongst Taylor Swift stans. People love the emotion and story behind it. I have honestly never related to the song that much but I enjoy the lyrics and the music itself. 

4. Cruel Summer-One of the newest songs from the artist caught my attention for the lyrics and great beat behind it. It was the first song on her new album that I fell in love with. An August release made this song perfect. 

3. The Story of Us-Taylor Swift is famous for putting some spoken emotion-filled lines in her songs. This might have been the start. The story is fast and furious and the way the song is put together is tremendous. It’s really fun to sing with your friends and was very popular when I was in middle school. 

2. Wonderland-This delightful bonus track is one of the most underrated songs for Taylor Swift. Like my number one choice, it is catchy. I listen to this song a lot when I am at the beach. 

1. New Romantics-Not many people would say this is her best song or their favorite. I love this song because of lyrics which are so easily sung to and creative, and the tune. This song was an original bonus track. I feel like if anyone asked me what Taylro Swift songs sound like and what her general vibe was, I would play them this song. 

Well, this is a very short list out of hundreds of songs. These are just the ones I find myself attracted to the most, listening to at the beach a lot, and telling friends they should listen to. I am fairly convinced every fan would have a different list because it is too hard to choose.


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Suzannah Gray

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