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Movies About Love to Watch in February

It’s February, the month that hosts Valentine’s Day. I enjoy Valentine’s Day because it’s a wonderful feeling to send cards and let your loved ones know how much you love them. Growing up, my mom used to get my sister and I little treats and we’d pause everything for a moment to celebrate love!


I’m also a complete romantic, so watching romance films is definitely my thing year round. Here are some of my favorite movies about love for you to watch this February!

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Letters to Juliet is the sweetest Italian romance. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), reads a letter left on a wall in Verona where the heartbroken leave notes for Shakespeare’s character Juliet Capulet. Sophie connects with the letter’s writer, and through this connection, two love stories are made. 

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Not Another Happy Ending is set in Ireland, as a budding writer finds love through the process of publishing her novel. I adore the characters, the setting… everything! Karen Gillan is charming and funny, and I always quite liked her love interest. 

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The Holiday is a Christmas film featuring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as their characters switch houses for a two-week holiday in either England or LA in order to escape their messy realities. As you can see, this arrangement ends up being a match-making one. It’s a favorite of my mom’s and mine. 

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Before Sunrise is definitely a bit of a classic. Two travelers meet in Europe and spend one night together, falling in love as each moment passes until they must part at sunrise. The film ends with a sort of “dot-dot-dot” conclusion, not a definitive happy ending… but it’s alright because there’s a sequel, appropriately titled Before Sunset.

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If you’re into this kind of thing, I hope you’ll check out some of these romance films. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and single or taken, who doesn’t enjoy sinking into a heartwarming love story? Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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