Mastering the Scandinavian Minimalism Style

Distinguished by its minimalist aesthetic, Scandinavian fashion style has been one of the most alluring fashion movements. While the Danes can be daring with colors and patterns and the Swedes embrace mesmerizing minimalism that can be seen in many pieces from the premium fashion house Acne Studios, the Norwegians master practicability and femininity. No matter how different they are, it’s undeniable that the Scandinavian fashion ethos of minimalism is always eye-catching. I’m sure we are all familiar with the Swedish high-street expert H&M; however, below are three under the radar (and sort of budget-friendly) Scandinavian fashion brands that can inspire you to unleash your inner Scandi It-Girl.


1. Bik Bok.

Visiting this Norwegian-based brand’s website, I was struck by the outpouring of bright colors in the clothing pieces. Scandinavian minimalism can be stereotyped as black and white essentials, but Bik Bok’s color palette challenges this belief. All of the clothing items look really funky — simple designs with few details, but with quirky colors, such as cobalt blue, azalea, and lemon. With Bik Bok, you can always personalize your own juxtaposition in a simple outfit to look stylish. The brand also incorporates patterns such as leopard print and stripes. In the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism, prints are kept uniform in each piece.



2. Weekday.

This Swedish brand captures all the fashion street snaps in Stockholm. Influenced by youth culture, Weekday’s style  focuses on a laid-back silhouette. Similar to Bik Bok, Weekday is adventurous with vivid colors. Sometimes, it can add a twist through the texture, such as ribbed knit and mohair -  and through the details — balloon sleeves and fringe — in its overall simple design, which will surely score you some fashion points. As winter in those Nordic countries can sometimes be cruel, Weekday does an excellent job with knitwear. If you are starting to fall for this famous minimalism, you’ll have to learn to layer, as Scandinavians are the true layering masters. By wearing a mélange of a simple white shirt as a base, a cozy sweater from Weekday for the middle layer, and topping it off with a tailored coat, you’ll be all set for winter.


3. Moss Copenhagen.

Unlike the Norwegian and Swedish neighbors that prefer the bold color scheme, a selection of mild and muted tones is the charm of Moss Copenhagen. This Danish brand features flowy fabrics such as silk and chiffon, and soft colors such as salmon pink, steel blue, or even basic colors: black and white. The clothing items look ladylike and feminine. You might say a straight up no to this brand after you see the prices on its website. But stay tuned, because there are many affordable pieces from its outlet section. It displays a wide range of basic staples, which reinforces the notion “Simplicity Is The Key”, and will help you be creative with classic items.


Sadly, these brands do not ship to the United States. However, they offer shipping to some European countries such as United Kingdom and Germany. If you are studying abroad there, or just visiting any of those countries, make sure to check out these brands. Or you can simply look through them to have inspirations for your minimalist look!


As much as you want to rock your bold and sophisticated wardrobe, sometimes a touch of simplicity can stand out in the crowd. The Scandinavian minimalism approach doesn’t limit you to only monochromatism or basic pieces. You definitely have space to individualize your silhouette in your final minimalist outfit, whether it is androgyny, or contrasting colors. New England winter can be as freezing as Scandinavian winter. It is time to change into a chunky-knitted turtleneck sweater, a clean cut coat, and your favorite pair of jeans. Then add a statement of your choice. But keep in mind that simplicity is key to rock your inner Scandi It-girl, and to embrace yourself in “hygge” (pronounced as “hue-guh”), a concept in Danish culture that is referred into coziness and the enjoyment of life.

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