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Maryanne Magnier ’18


Maryanne Magnier, a Massachusetts native and Mount Holyoke College sophomore, spends much of her time studying, reading, and horseback riding. But, when she gets the chance, she likes to sit down with her laptop and write a few words. Eventually, those few words become a short one-act play and soon, the play will be performed at her own alma mater. I sat down with Maryanne to discuss her play, inspirations, and future plans.


Name: Maryanne MagnierAge: 19Year: 2018Major: International RelationsHometown: Springfield, MassachusettsHobbies: Horseback riding, writing, running, listening to Bruce Springsteen, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy

Tell us what’s going on with your one-act play.

I wrote a one-act play, which is going to be performed at my high school! I’m not sure if that makes me a celebrity, but I’ll take it. It’s a great honor and I’m very excited about it.


What is the one-act play about?

My show is set during the Vietnam War and consists of various conversations among three characters: a zany vacuum cleaner salesman, a trigger-happy grandmother, and a wise teenage lesbian. It starts with the vacuum cleaner salesman trying to sell vacuums to the teenage girl, but they end up talking about the war and society. It’s really about generational differences.


How did you get the inspiration to write it?

I’m honestly not sure! I think I got the idea to write something during this time period because of Mad Men, one of my favorite shows, and then I just kind of ran with it. As cliché as it sounds, the characters sort of talk to me. At first, I tried to write a Flannery O’Connery-esque statement about society, but it ended up being a bit of a sillier piece instead.


When will it be performed?

I don’t have a specific date, but sometime in the spring, I believe.


Have you written any other plays? Can you tell us about any of them?

Why yes, I have! I have written many scripts for a past theater class, but the other one I have written voluntarily is also pretty silly. It’s about three old women who happen to reunite on a park bench, and then a Bible salesman stops by for a few minutes. All they do is talk about life. They all think they’re normal, but in reality, they’re pretty strange. It’s an interesting comedy.


What genre do you tend to write?

I always come back to comedies and silly plays. I’ve tried writing dark plays, but the lines I write end up being funny and humorous, usually because of a sarcastic character. I have a tendency to exaggerate when I write, so it comes out silly and whacky. I would definitely say that my plays lean towards being quirky.


Are you still writing plays?

I hope to again! I’m currently super busy with classes though. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write during the breaks!


Do you write anything else such as short stories, poetry, or music?

All of the above, actually! Not too much recently, but I should start getting back to it again. As I said before, hopefully when the breaks come around I’ll be able to start writing again.


Why did you start writing short plays?

Honestly, I was too lazy to write long ones.


Would you write one for Mount Holyoke?

I definitely would! If it was something I didn’t have to really micromanage especially, but I think directing and casting would also be a blast.


Will you ever write a full-length play?

I’m not sure, although that’s definitely something I aspire to do. It would be quite a feat if I am able to ever write a full length play.


What was the last play you saw?

I saw Wicked on Broadway last summer! It was amazing. I would also love to see Chicago and Hedwig & the Angry Inch. I enjoy musicals a lot. I’m always singing and I would love to have new songs to sing to bother my roommate.


You’re not an English major. Do you think you’ll minor in it or take a creative writing course?

I don’t think so! I don’t care for creative writing courses because you have to write and get things done by a certain due date. I’d rather just write on my own time, personally.


Thanks for letting us interview you! Good luck with your future endeavors! We hope that you have more opportunities like this in the future.

Farewell, my loves!!! You are all beautiful. :*


Elizabeth Gottshall is a Mount Holyoke College sophomore who is into photography, writing, studio art, and film. She spends her free time spotting and petting dogs on campus, working with photoshop, and watching movies and tv shows on Netflix. After college, she hopes to be working either in the film or television industry.
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