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Marisol Fernandez de Cordova ’20

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mt Holyoke chapter.

Name: Marisol Fernandez de Cordova

Class Year: 2020

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Business/Sports Management

Hometown: Born in Lima, Peru, raised in Miami, Florida


What are you passionate about on campus?

I’m definitely passionate about SGA. I love the fact that it’s such a direct form of making change on campus, and being able to have a close connection with administration is something you can’t get anywhere else.


What change have you made with SGA that has made you most proud?

I don’t think there’s a big change that has been made that I’m most proud of because SGA has been able to do a lot of things, but the dining over breaks is definitely something that’s been useful for the whole community. The ability to be able to have a fast turnover rate for almost any concern that’s brought up is something that’s great too.


What is your role on SGA? What do you love most about it and what is most challenging?

I am the public relations officer, meaning I’m responsible for the social media image of SGA. Flyers, social media posts, Newsflushes, that’s all me, with the help and support of the rest of the executive board. I love being in the know of what’s going on on campus, but my position can sometimes feel overwhelming when things start to pile up.


What is your favorite class that you’ve taken so far?

Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite. I’ve taken a liking to some of my professors and the way they teach, but a class has yet to pull me in. My favorite professor was Professor Feldman in the Politics Department because of how he interacted with the class, without limiting the amount of lecturing he did. It was the perfect balance to the class.


Do you have any hobbies or special talents?

For a talent, I can walk blindfolded in a straight line. I used to be able to do it in high heels! When it comes to hobbies, they range from spending time with friends, to swimming, to binging a new show on Netflix, or sleeping!


What is your favorite family event or tradition? 

It took me a while to think of something for this, because I don’t think my family has many traditions. I guess it could be how we spend our Sundays; we choose not to make any plans and have all our meals together, usually going out and just spending the day as a family. Being away from home makes me miss that sometimes.


What is your favorite thing about MHC?

My favorite thing about MHC would have to be the sense of community amongst students. It’s not necessarily easy to find your place on campus, it took me a whole year to do so, but now I’m grateful for the friends I have and the support they give me.


What is your favorite thing about being a CA and what are some challenges?

Being a CA is such a great experience. I love the connection I’m able to have with some of my residents, as well as planning events! It does get a little hard sometimes, especially with duty nights when I’m tired or want to go out, but I realize what my priorities are.


What is POSSE and what does it mean for you and your experience here?

Posse is a full-tuition scholarship that is given to a group of usually 10 high school seniors halfway through their senior year. There are ten Posse cities, where thousands of students apply at the end of their junior year and go through a process from August to December, filled with applications and interviews, just to be placed in a 10 person posse. This “posse” then goes through about 7 months of pre-collegiate training to prep them for new experiences at their colleges, with the help of their Posse trainers. In the beginning, you start off as strangers, but get to know one another as time goes on. Granted, not everyone becomes the best of friends, but a posse supports one another, no matter what. My experience at Mount Holyoke would be non-existent without Posse because I had no idea this school even existed before my application process. I’m extremely grateful to my trainers, my mentor, and my posse for helping me grow while I’ve been on campus.


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Deborah Fashole-Luke is a Mount Holyoke College graduate who majored is Psychology with a minor in English. She is pleased to have served as Her Campus Mt. Holyoke's former co-Campus Correspondent and co-President from 2015 to 2018. In her spare time Deborah enjoys reading, baking, playing football (soccer), listening to good music, and watching movies. She also loves spending time with family and friends!