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Marina Diamandis Returns With The Help Of Clean Bandit

Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds, has not released new music since early 2015, with the exception of a 2017 single titled “Disconnect”. While she has been teasing fans that there may be new music of her own coming in 2019, Diamandis recently joined forces with Clean Bandit, lending her vocals to the song “Baby.” Originally released as a collaboration between both Marina and Luis Fonsi, Clean Bandit dropped an acoustic version on November 16th that features just an acoustic guitar and Diamandis’ vocals.

    The original version of the song is incredibly upbeat, a dance song with strong latin influences. The tempo is fast paced, and the song features guitar, percussion, and a brass section. It’s a fun love song that attracts toe tapping and head bobbing. However, as enjoyable as the original song is, it pales in comparison to the acoustic version.

    In the acoustic rendition, the clarity of the vocals allows the listener to more clearly grasp the sadness in the lyrics, as the style of the music aligns better with the heartbreaking scenario. Lost love and the struggle to sort through complicated emotions is expressed through the clean instrumentation and vocals that have been brought to the forefront of the listener’s attention. The meaning behind the lyrics in combination with Marina’s stunning voice alone will give you chills, and the addition of the complex but extraordinarily well executed acoustic guitar accompaniment makes the song even more beautiful. Overall, creating an acoustic version of “Baby” was a wonderful decision on Clean Bandit’s part. Not only was it appealing to those who were already fans of the original, but it allowed their audience to expand as fans who may not have felt a connection to the original were able to give it a second chance in a new light. The acoustic rendition also allowed for greater emphasis to be placed on the lyricism and sentimental value of those lyrics.

    While “Baby” may not be a song of Marina’s own creation, her fans are excited that she is singing again, with Clean Bandit’s single tiding them over until the eventual release of a fourth studio album. Keep up with the latest news surrounding Marina’s musical endeavors on her Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to listen to “Baby” and the rest of Clean Bandit’s new album What Is Love? on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.  


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