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Usually, I’m not one for cheesy Christmas movies. Every year during winter break, my mom turns on the Hallmark channel and watches tons of the cheesiest, most predictable movies, and I hate them. 

I love watching movies that are harder to figure out, where you don’t know what is going to happen next. This is why when she recommended the new Netflix Christmas film, Love Hard, I was certain that I was never going to watch it. A week after my mom recommended it to me, my friend asked if I had watched it, and I said that I hadn’t. She told me that it was really good and that I needed to watch it. Reluctantly, I agreed. 

As I had expected, it started out like any other predictable holiday rom-com. Until it brought up catfishing. This was a new take on a Christmas movie that I had never seen before, and it was more interesting than I had initially assumed it would be. As the storyline progressed, it got more intriguing. I was happy with the movie, thinking that it was going to be different, but when a scene showed the characters watching and talking about the same film for over 30 seconds, the ending was instantly predictable. Fast forward to the end of the movie, it ended exactly how I had expected it to. 

While there were a lot of things about this movie that I didn’t like, there were also some things that I appreciated. Obviously, the catfishing was the main thing that made this movie a little bit different from traditional Hallmark movies, but smaller details like rock climbing and candle making are things that I have yet to see on the Hallmark channel. 

Overall, I would say that Love Hard is one of those movies where you hate it, but it’s good at the same time. Even though it is extremely predictable, it’s still a fun holiday film that I would recommend, especially if you find humor in catfishing as a trope. 

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Grace Ryhlick

Mt Holyoke '25

Hi! I'm Grace, a first-year at Mount Holyoke College. I love fashion and costume design, and I plan to major in history or film. Some of my favorite things are cats, tea, baking, photography, and I am an aspiring world traveler.
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