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Jessica Ortiz ’16

On right:  Jessica Ortiz

We caught up with MoHo’s resident Latina DJ about her favorite new artists and undying love of bistec encebollado

What are some of your favorite artists?

Kaytranada- he’s got a funky neo soul sound.  His repertoire is eclectic- I admire his song selections per mix.  I would love to meet him- he seems really down to earth. Shamari, Romeo Santos, James Blake- [James Blake] produces literally everything.  He also writes his own lyrics.  Super talented guy.

We discovered an old video of you playing basketball!  How often do you shoot hoops nowadays?

I try to go on Fridays. There are profs that are in better shape than I am.  These guys go every day at noon, but I can only make it on Fridays.  (groans)  My friends are sooo ratch, I’m sorry.

Haha!  What does ratch mean to you?

Something that juxtaposes your social bubble, I guess.

Most overused words?

Done, aggy, salty, f**k.  I even said [f**k] in class yesterday.

Most overused Spanish words?

Diablo, mami, que jodienda.

Define que jorienda for non-Spanish speakers.

It’s basically our version of WTF.

What’s your favorite class and why?

Broadcast Performance 495 at UMass!  I love our professor [Kyle Greeley.]  He was a reporter for 20+ years and lets us tailor each assignment to our interests!  Thus far, I’ve learned to read newscasts and various breathing techniques!  I can also ad-lib now.

I highly recommend any class with [Kyle Greeley.]  He’s funny, interesting and incredibly down-to-earth.

What do you love most about Miami?

Everything tastes fresh and crisp, regardless of how organic it may be.

Favorite home-cooked meal?

Rice, red beans and bistéc encebollado.

What is bistéc encebollado?

Sautéed top sirloin steak sautéed and caramelized onions with garlic+ lime to taste.

What do you love most about South Hadley?

The landscape!

What’s your most treasured memory from college thus far?

They’re finally accepting my special major proposal! I’ve been looking forward to this for years now.

What advice can you offer fellow creatives at Mount Holyoke?

Never give up!  Take every compliment and criticism seriously- hey, if the person took the time to criticize, they care.  Thank them.








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