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One of my favorite parts of life is receiving mail. Whether it’s a card, letter, postcard, or note written just for me, there’s something so special and important about writing to others and communicating via something tangible. At college, I appreciate snail mail more than ever before.


Ever since my cousins left college, we would write each other letters and keep correspondence by postage. Although we would also text and maintain frequent contact through technology, we still enjoyed this older practice. We’d share stories between these letters and it was a great way to feel connected.

Now that I am in college, I see members of my family far less often than when I was in high school, but the communication is not lacking. Over the past weeks, I’ve exchanged letters with my aunt and have received a couple Halloween cards from my cousins. Since I am away from home, getting these letters is even more sacred to me. I really enjoy saving these letters as keepsakes, something in addition to photos to remind me of home. The decorated ones are the most fun to put up in my dorm room.


Not only can snail mail make someone’s day, it’s also a wonderful way to center yourself. Sitting down to write about any topic of your choosing, whether about something you did with your friends, a movie you watched on Netflix, the view from your dorm room, or how your classes are making or breaking you — it’s a moment for you to consider yourself. I think sometimes I get into the pace of life where I don’t fully recognize what I’ve been doing or how I’ve been feeling. Writing letters makes me feel present, and it’s always exciting to share my life with my friends and family.

Check your local campus store or post office for supplies, and consider making your own card to save some money!


If after reading this you decide to give snail mail a try, you won’t regret it. Stay close with the ones you love, make their day, and enjoy the pleasures of getting mail while in college!


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Rachael Amoruso

Mt Holyoke '22

Hi, I'm Rachael! I'm a sophomore and an English and Italian double major! I love dogs, eating pastries, being outdoors, and writing. Most of all, I love Mount Holyoke! #redpegasus
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