If You Like That Artist Then You Might Like This One

I listen to a lot of music. When I do listen to music I have two modes, the first is to listen to the same ten songs over and over until I can’t listen to them anymore, and the other is just trying to discover new music. However, when I’m looking for new things to jam out to I like to keep the same vibe as all the other music I listen to. So here are some recommendations that I’ve found fans of both artists enjoy. 


If you like King Princess then try Wet

These two have a similar slow and jazzy sound with clear and powerful vocals. However, these two have a different enough sound that it doesn't seem like you’re listening to the same thing. I know King Princess has a huge following on campus (and around the world), but I think Wet deserves more recognition than what she has now. 


If you like Lorde then try Zella Day

Zella Day has a more electro/guitar/indie-influence to her music, but both her and Lorde have the same deep and dusky voice that just captivates the listener. A lot of Zella Day’s music can be a bit lighter than Lorde’s and the two don’t really sing about similar topics, but the vibes that these two artists give off are very similar (at least to me). 


If you liked Younger Now by Miley Cyrus then try Ryn Weaver

Miley Cyrus’s latest album Younger Now is a bop: it’s slow yet pop and it pulls from multiple different genres including country, which is exactly why I pair it with Ryn Weaver. These two both take inspiration from many genres, and although Ryn Weaver does lean more towards pop, her voice is very unique so that it doesn't make it sound like everything else. 


If you like Lana Del Rey then try LÉON

Lana Del Rey has such an iconic sound and image that no one can really replicate it, but LÉON has a similar vibe without being the same sad girl/California archetype that Lana has going on. The two artists do both take inspiration from the past, creating that ‘modern vintage’ sound. I think LÉON is very underrated, and if you like Lana Del Rey then you should definitely check it out! 


Hopefully you’ve found at least one new artist to listen to! Happy listening!


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