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How to Have a Perfect Fall Day (Before It Leaves Us Forever)

The fall is fading fast, and while this week of warmth has been wonderful, I fear it is only too good to last. Since this might be fall’s last goodbye, I decided to plan my perfect fall day. I thought of all the things I would love to do while the leaves are still on the trees and leaving my dorm isn’t like preparing for an arctic expedition- yet.

First: Esselon Cafe – http://www.esselon.com

This quaint cafe in Hadley is small and homey. You could just order drinks, or you could order some of the best pancakes in the entire world! Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they do have french toast topped with french berries, which should delight any fruit deprived Moho. If you’re sick, they also have a Flu-Fighter tea that will get you back on your feet in no time, served to you in your own little tea pot and mug. So bring your homework, bring a book, order a pastry, and sit down to enjoy a relaxing brunch.

Second: Grey Matter Books – http://www.greymatterbookstore.com/home

After your brunch, head to the hide away that is Grey Matter & Troubadour Books. Here, you can find books on almost any subject. They have used books, antique books, research books, translated works, novels, poetry etc. On my last visit, I found an Oxford History of the English Language, a copy of Les Liaisons Dangereuses published in 1920, and the first science fiction novel my dad ever read, Cities in Flight. The prices are reasonable, and whether you buy anything or not you can walk away having spent time, not in Barnes and Noble (don’t get me wrong, I love B&N) or on Amazon, but in a really nice homey bookstore with really cool books! This is a paradise for any book lover.

Third: Cinemark – http://www.cinemark.com/theatre-detail.aspx?node_id=1574&

Near the Esselon Cafe and Grey Matter Books is the Cinemark movie theater, which is perfect because after spending time with books, ‘tis the season for MOVIES! So many amazing features come out around the holidays. Already lined up for this year are movies like Mockingjay Part 2, the epic conclusion to the Hunger Games series, The Danish Girl, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Also, it’s nice to get off campus and watch a movie on the big screen, instead of on a 13-inch laptop. 


Fourth: The Green Bean + Herrell’s – http://www.greenbeannorthampton.com http://www.herrells.com

Good books, good movies, hopefully good company, now it’s time for good food. The Green Bean is a mainly vegan and vegetarian restaurant, but it can be enjoyed by vegans and meat-eaters alike. This is a little hole in the wall, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it. After you’ve had your meal, it’s time for dessert. Head over to Herrell’s for a treat from Northhampton’s famous ice-cream parlor. I recommend a single scoop or a brownie sundae!

Fifth & Finally: The Mountain + Apple Cider – http://www.atkinsfarms.com/departments/bakery/

Before the colors leave us for the six months of winter and the trees take on the uniform of skeletons, take one last walk, drive, or bike up Mt. Holyoke, and enjoy the rolling waves of multi-colored trees. Take a moment to soak it all in, and if you want, reenact the opening sequence from The Sound of Music. To top it off, grab a cup of apple cider from Atkins on your way back to campus. Enjoy sipping the sweet warmth and delight that comes from a good hot cup of apple cider.

This day is my way of saying goodbye to the fall, before the cold closes in. What would your perfect fall day be? Go out and do it! Recharge off campus, and enjoy the fall weather and colors while they last. Best wishes and many happy fall days to you!



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