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How to Handle Waiting for Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Spoilers ahead!

As I wait for the sixth and final season of the beloved American police television sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine—returning January 10th, 2019!—I’ve been doing two things: frantically watching and rewatching anything involved with the show, and reflecting on why I like it so much. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, and it has excellent representation. Out of the seven main characters, four are people of color and two are LGBT (season five revealed that Rosa Diaz, like her actress, Stephanie Beatriz, is bisexual!). Before B99, I’ve only ever watched finished shows, so the wait for season 6 is slowly eating me alive. Here’s how I’ve been coping.

Watch the All-Action Trailer for Season 6

I won’t spoil it, although it seems less like it’s plot-relevant and more like it’s one of the hilarious openings Brooklyn Nine-Nine is famous for. It’s short, funny, and is a good quick preview of what we’re in for with the upcoming season!

Watch Literally Every Other Video On the Brooklyn Nine-Nine YouTube Channel

I’ve sunk hours into this channel that I will never get back, and I have no regrets. My favorite series is the “best of” compilations, which includes the “best of” each main character and a few side characters as well, like the bumbling, clueless, and deeply unhygienic duo in the precinct, Hitchcock and Scully. Since Rosa is my favorite character, here’s one of my personal favorites, “Best of Rosa Diaz: Season 2.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOMMo9b3sHk&list=PLBRsMixIwVu4IsI5-wAsXrqRfmqFtjVGL&index=2

Watch Other TV Shows With a Similar Vibe

The best way for me to find similar TV shows is to check out work by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s writers. I really enjoy Michael Schur’s work, described on his Wikipedia page as emphasizing “large, diverse casts that lead to break-out stars. His shows feature optimistic characters who are relatable even in comical situations, often finding lasting love, and feature strong friendships.” Along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he’s created or co-created Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, both television shows I’m working through right now and thoroughly enjoying. The three shows have plenty in common: the same hilarious openings, balancing comedy with wholesome life lessons, and lots of dynamic, interesting characters. Also, it’s really fun to daydream about crossovers, like whether Jake will go to The Good Place, or if Leslie visited NYC on a political campaign.

Consume Fan Work

Yes, I’m saying you should read fanfiction. Or watch fan videos on YouTube! Honestly, I’m not that involved in Brooklyn Nine-Nine fandom, but if you ever wanted to read about Gina and Rosa hooking up or how Holt and his husband adopted Cheddar, then try looking up some fan work on places like Tumblr or Archive Of Our Own. Admittedly, quality varies wildly.

Rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

… And feel super nostalgic. And laugh a lot. And probably cry, too. Hey, there’s five seasons, so assuming you don’t binge it too hard, you can’t lose too much time, right? Plus, it’s fun to invite a friend who hasn’t watched the show before to watch it with you, so you’ll end up with a new person to keep you company as you wait until January 10.

Of course, instead of sitting around waiting, you could always be doing something productive, like working on your finals. But thinking about your love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine is more fun. So I wish you all luck until season six comes out!

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