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How To Deal With Homesickness

After having been in Mount Holyoke for almost two semesters now, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve felt my fair share of homesickness. Especially taking into consideration that home for me is a fifteen hour flight away in India, and the fact that my ex-roommate’s parents used to drive down here once a month (at the least) did not help. When talking about missing home, most people often assume that it’s all about missing family and friends, which of course is extremely important, however there’s a lot more to it. You miss your comfort zone, having your own privacy and space, a constant support system, along with a sense of familiarity. Adding to the already tremendous pressures of college, this is no easy feeling to bear, so here are a few tips on how to deal with homesickness:


1. Make Your Room Your Home

Yes, you have a new room, and probably a new roommate, but all you can do is make the most of it. Make your room into a place you feel comfortable and like spending time in. Have things that make you feel at home, but keep in mind that this shouldn’t have too many reminders of home, because that could potentially just make you think about home constantly.


2. Have Friends From Your Home Country/State/City

Of course it’s important to have friends from all over the world because that’s what college is all about, but it doesn’t hurt to have friends who speak the same language as you, come from the same culture, and/or probably have the same interests. It could actually be really helpful to have someone to cook your home cuisine with and it would give you a sense of comfort in a completely different area.


3. Get Involved in On Campus Activities

Getting involved in clubs and organizations helps keep you busy and get your mind off things. Especially if it’s something engaging which you have an interest in. In addition to the second point, this could also help keep in touch with your culture and allow you to make friends from your home country as there are many on campus organizations for people from different regions around the world. This also helps you stay involved in events and festivals from back home, which you can celebrate on campus without missing out on much.


4. Find a Hobby

A good pastime or hobby is essential. If you already have one, you should be good because when you’re low, this is the perfect distraction or means of venting. But if you don’t, it’s never too late to find a new one.


5. Get Off Campus

The PVTA is there for your usage (for now) so you might as well make full use of it while you can. Get off campus, and maybe take a few classes off campus during your 4 years. This helps you get out of South Hadley, which can get depressing at times, and there’s so much to do in nearby towns and colleges like Amherst or Northampton.


6. Pamper Yourself From Time to Time

College is stressful enough as it is, but without the support and comfort of home it can get really hard. Your mom who’s constantly making sure you go to bed well fed – even though you’re an adult and should be managing that yourself – is no longer there to pamper you. So sometimes you have to pamper yourself. Take a break, go to the restaurant you’re craving food from, get a massage, oversleep – once in a while, you deserve to!

These ways of fighting homesickness have surely helped me feel at home in my MoHome, and I hope they do for you too!


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